F3 Dads – 10.31.21

30 PAX and 2 Buddys (dogs) joined us for the most Spooktacular event of the year. Thanks to @Jalisco for help planning!! @Night Light YouTube, Warrior Cat, @Sully Dodger, Bogie (the biggest 2.0s ever present at an F3Dads event this year. One even carried the dad!) @Tijuana kachow, Raja, @Jalisco daredevil, King Kong @2nd F Kwame Michelangelo, Dumbledore @Oscar Mayer Cherry Red, @Chowdah – Community Outreach Zookeeper, @Green Acres Dirt Bike, Kincaid, Tornado Boy, Scramble, @FICO, Kratt, Meow Meow, @Dizzy Gillespie (F3 Dads) Scar, ShellMaster and 2 FNDs (friendly new dog) Buddy and Pigeon.

We started with 2 rounds of Zombie tag. The winner got to do 20 merkins and the losers did 10 burpees.

Then we got to do 5 kid merkins (dads did 5 merkins with a 2.0 on their back and some dads had multiple 2.0s jump on them at once)2.0 carry up the hill. We ran our 2.0s up the hill. The waiting kid did jumping jacks and we did big boys for the 6. Shoutout to @Chowdah – Community Outreach for lending @Green Acres a hand with one of his 5We then carried the 2.0s back down the hill one at a time.

Split into two teams and wheelbarrow race down and zombie walk (kids hang onto dads legs) back. Al Gore for the 6Sprint the length of the field and politician back.

Great job men!

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