Devil’s Triangle – 3.13.21

18 HIM showed up this morning to battle the Devil's Triangle with Hot Mic's VQ and make sure we helped each other through the drudgery life sometimes throws our way. Many who hated him 5 minutes into the first thang were loving him again at the end. 🙂
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Warmorama: Done as we visited and reviewed stations in the Devil's Triangle.
5 Burpees
10 merkins
10 squats
Should have done more, I was too anxious to begin kind of like my wedding night. 
Thang 1: Stink Station/Watering Hole
Unsolicited feedback in the form of unsupportive groans for a VQ flooded in from certain HIM who had thought they had escaped anything to do with the Crossfit Open 21:1 which was my inspiration for the first exercise.  This made my heart very happy realizing full well the pain this thang would bring. It was not for the faint of heart and introduced a couple of new movements for reps that had not been utilized in this way before. For those that thought, “How hard can this be?” quickly learned by 3 reps in, this was going to be brutal. And it was! For those that modified and there were a few, no one escaped the Devil.
12 reps Balls to the Wall.  Lay face down, push up, feet on the wall, walk hands toward the wall till 12″ aways, back down the same way to the prone position on the ground = 1 rep.
12 reps Devil Press – New movement for most if not all
120 Side Straddle Hops with hands meeting at the top of the movement
6 reps Balls to the Wall.
6 reps Devil Press – New movement for most if not all
60 Side Straddle Hops
3 reps Balls to the Wall.
3 reps Devil Press – New movement for most if not all
30 Side Straddle Hops
1 reps Balls to the Wall.
1 reps Devil Press – New movement for most if not all
10 Side Straddle Hops
When finished, mosey to creek crossing by the street bridge.
Thang 2: Flag Pole – This must have been too easy as there was way more mumble chatter taking place here than Thang 1.
Buy in: With coupon enter creek, walk under the bridge and do 5 “Troll Burpees.” I cannot remember who came up with that name but that was perfect. Thank you!
Pick up coupon, cross creek climbing up the bank on another side, mosey to flag pole for:
3 rounds:
8 Coupon Devil Press
16 Glute Bridges with coupon on hips (Alabama somethings)
32 feet over coupon reps
With a coupon go back to where you exited the creek, down the bank back into the water and under the bridge for 5 “Troll Burpees” to buy out of thang 2.
Exit the creek where you first entered, drop coupon and mosey to Playground.
Thang 3: Playground
Buy in: Run the loop then:
8 Rounds:
5 Pullups
5 Burpees – This was supposed to be Coupon Devil Press again but I determined we would all be hurting enough
1 wall crawl. Climb up on the climbing wall move sideways if there is room then go over to the top to the other side. I think people were having fun at this point with the pain from Thang 1 a distant memory.
Ran out of time. This is just as well because my planned Mary was going to be a …
-Convergence is coming up, mark your calendars. Reach out to Heidi if you need more information.-
-F3 Fort Pain Shirts are still available to be purchased. As of our COT three more purchases were needed to meet the minimum requirement to process and fulfil the order. If you want    an item head over and buy before midnight tonight. Shirts, seat covers, hoodies, etc are all available.
-reach out to Pancreas if you want to be involved with Shield Lock or need more information, he will be putting groups together soon.
-Tijuana has his VQ on Monday, whoo hoo let's all get out and support him. With losing an hour of sleep this weekend he said additional support is welcome.
-Cosmo shared Instagram is up, if you have an account please follow.
 @Cosmo family going on vacation and for Kitchen renovations that are being done in the house while they are away. You sir are a very brave man!
 @Heidi mentioned Jody who does our F3 shirts is moving to TX. Most stuff is packed but needs help loading printing equipment tomorrow at 2 and prayer the move goes well for them.
 @Ron Swanson M had a tooth removed yesterday and is having some pain.
 @Ron Swanson CJ's dad passed away and he is having a hard time.
 @Milkshake Barett's funeral service (13 year old boy who passed away from a skateboarding accident) and for his family dealing with a lot of pain and sorrow right now.
 All those traveling on spring break and those who have to stay home with their 2.0's
my work situation
I recently heard some interesting stuff regarding sun flowers that got my attention and caused me to do a little research.
It's common to think of the face of the flower as being directed by the sun; however, researchers at University of California at Davis discovered that it's not the face driving the turn, but the stem. There are two growth mechanisms in the stem, one that drives the basic rate of growth of the flower and the other, driven by the circadian clock, that causes one side to grow more than the other when it's under the influence of the light.
The result is that different sides of the stem elongate at different times of the day. The growth pathway is also affected by the clock, as well as the time of year; longer days/shorter nights and the reverse impact the rhythm and growth as well, but the sunflower keeps up with the changes.
The researchers tested several scenarios to disrupt the natural light, including tying the flower stems so they couldn't move and continually facing the pots in the wrong direction. It became clear that the growth of heliotropic plants that cannot follow the sun is impaired; these plants developed less biomass and less leaf area. The researchers also moved the pots into a 24-hour light environment, where the light was fixed overhead. For a few days, the sunflowers did their usual daily swing, then caught on to the deception and stopped. When the indoor lights were moved across the room to simulate an east to west swing, the plants began to track again.
Gen 1:27 – So God created man in his own image; He created him in the image of God.
We were designed and created to be imagers of who God is. How are well are we doing this with others we meet and to those who see us each day?
Hebrews 12:2 – Let us look only to Jesus, the One who began our faith and who makes it perfect. He suffered death on the cross. But he accepted the shame as if it were nothing because of the joy that God put before him.
Where you are at today, what is currently influencing you? Where do you have your eyes fixed? Are you keeping your eyes fixed on the Jesus Son so that you can image God's love for others to the world?
What does it mean to keep your eyes fixed on Jesus?
 It simply means that you have such a connection with Him that every part of you aligns with Him. He is the key and you are the lock. … It means that although hard times may come, you have such a connection with Jesus that you do not waver, you continue to be a reflection to others of what you were created to be in the first place, an imager of our creator.
Once the sunflower matures it stops following the sun and is content to just soak up the rays as they fall. Fully developed blossoms usually stop and stay in an east-facing direction but there is always a rebel in the patch who chooses a different view.
Studies have shown sunflowers that mature to a stop in an east facing direction attract five times as many pollinators as those who don't. The reason is simple. Bees and other beneficial bugs love warmth and blossoms that face east warm up faster than those facing west.
Fix your eyes on Jesus, and face East.
Hot Mic out.

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