Darkhorse – 9.25.21

11 PAX took an adventure to the Animal kingdom this morning! @Snooki @OPIE @Buckeye @The Boot @Excite Bike @Gutter-Ball @Yaris @Tijuana @2Buck @skinnyduck, and QIC @Cross-Stitch and we took a deep dive into the exicon to find all animal named workouts


Seal Jacks – Side straddle hops with arms out front
Willie Mays hays
Cherry pickers
Good mornings


Hopped in the (4×4): burpee into 4 merkins, and 4 mountain climbers4x4 broke down so we had to do the (animal walk) and we got to see: duck walks (10 Merks), bear crawling (10 Merks), frogs hopping (10 Merks), and crabs walking (10′ Merks)Next we saw the (black snake) slithering In and out of the PAX as we ran around Columbia

Once we got back we saw a (cockroach resurrection) in and out crunches  (25 reps)Then we took 2 laps around the court spying on the (sneaky Gorillas) stopping to observe 20 (monkey humpers)We played (when the animals attack) and had a variation of Bear crawls and duck walks chasing after the PAX

We finished with Alligator Merks to half court, and round robined some Mary’s till time!

Announcements:@Pancreas (Nant’an)  has a birthday today!! Make sure you shower him with all of the love he  deserves! Maybe you could point out how amazing he is at being a leader, or even possibly how good his hair looks. Either way, happy birthday!! Hope it is a great one :relaxed:black ops runs on Wednesday with @2Buck
Can’t remember more

Prayer Request:

PAX and hardships within (family, injuries)
Snookis neighbor with loss of wife


Not much here today, just remember that prayer is amazing and works! With that being said, always try to challenge yourself by offering something tangible!

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