Darkhorse – 8.14.21

17 HIMs were a part of Columbia history as the :skull_and_crossbones:BOX OF PAIN:skull_and_crossbones: was unleashed on the Darkhorse PAX.
@Offsides @Green Acres @Gutter Ball @Heidi (1st F Q) @MapQuest @Tijuana @OPIE @Hot Mic @Fertile Myrtle @Rudolph @The Boot @Yaris @2Buck @Darren Janzen (Mountie) @roadkill @khakis (FNG Jake) QiC: @Pancreas (Nant’an)

Good Mornings
Good Morning Sunshines
High knees
2Bucks and Foosballs
Adult Arm Circles front and back
Michael Phelps
SSH Trifecta
Mountain Climber Apocalypse
Mosey to bathroom, break into battle buddies.
Here the BOX OF PAIN was unveiled and one HIM fell victim to pulling a card each throughout the Q to announce different exercises of The Thang:
Balls to the Wall – walk out to 45 degrees and do decline shoulder taps, then walk back up to wall. RNR until Q calls time.
Mosey back to grass, battle buddies unite
11’s: Plank up-downs, 4-step side shuffle, Surrenders
Triple Threat. One minute each:
Plank tricep extensions
Prison Cell Merkin Burpees
Gutterballs (Q has been so impressed with Gutter Ball’s perfect Darkhorse attendance that this exercise was named after him. It’s like an Apollo Ohno but with more pronounced bowler form. Exaggerated arm and leg swing with each side jump.)
Catch Me Bear You Can
Battle Buddies get in plank formation on grass, facing each other. One buddy starts Crawl Bear as fast as he can while other buddy does a few Merkins, then Bear Crawls as fast as he can to tag the other buddy.
RNR for a few rounds until Q calls time
Q asked @Rudolph to lead Flutter Kicks in cadence to recover
Triple Threat. One minute each:
Inside-Out Merkins
Inside-Out Jump Squats
Crabby Toe Touches
Mosey to the Duck River, but Q had to pivot because one of the PAX had paid off a local fisherman to be fishing in the river at the exact place where the Q had been planning some River work that will remain UNDISCLOSED and highly secretive, yet to be unveiled until the next time @Pancreas (Nant’an) had the Darkhorse Q.
Mosey to grass hill. One Crawl Bear up and Bear Crawl down. Then sprint up hill and back to grass area.
7 Minute Abs. 1 minute each:
Plank knees
Sit-Throughs for @Hot Mic
It was here that QiC realized that, despite 2 HC’s, @ragdoll was absent
6-in static hold (aka Banana)
Alabama Prom Dates in cadence
Cut to 6 Minute Abs due to time
PAX assembled on basketball court in a circle for Might As Well Jump
David Lee Roth “Jump” REMIX – PAX held Al Gore with a jump squat every time “jump” as said.
TIME! (2 minutes over – thanks for humoring me)
Crucible next Saturday 8/21
Darkhorse will still be available although PAX are strongly encouraged to attend Crucible
The Queen retest is this Wed at Fort Pain
Prayer Requests
@Hot Mic M working long days lately
@2Buck new work schedule (starts new job Monday) and family adjustment
@Veronica starts new job Monday
@Offsides M teacher masking challenges
@Offsides work at church
@Heidi (1st F Q) job decision
As a grateful believer in Jesus Christ in recovery for sexual addiction, codependence, and chronic selfishness, I started with the first 3 steps of recovery, pictured below. Then I asked the PAX to stand with clenched fists extended in front of them.
I explained the term “white knuckling”, which is clinging to addiction, but could be clenching anything: a person, relationship, job, even your own life…trying desperately to control and do it on your own, through your own power.
In a sermon from David Jeremiah, he said if we are clinging to something with clenched fists, we are often clinging to something that is sinful, unhealthy, or selfish. Yet, we also cannot RECEIVE what God may be trying to teach or give us. We must first open our hands and surrender the situation or our life to God.
“Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4
This is not meant in a material/prosperity way or to paint God as a genie. When we surrender to God, He teaches and grants us purpose, strength, help, the fruit of the Spirit, discipline, and even salvation.
I encouraged the PAX to examine their hearts and lives for anything or situation that they may be clinging to, and practice surrender to God.
PAX, it is a privilege to serve and lead you. Ever grateful to be your brother in this journey together. #hardlove
SYITG, Paincreas

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