Darkhorse – 8.07.21

12 PAX were summoned by the bell!
@Gutter Ball @Christian Rasmussen (Ted talk) @mountie (FNG Darren) @Green Acres @tic tac @wipeout (FNG Dre) @Yaris @excite bike @Tijuana @The Boot @Operation @walmart (FNG Dave)
QIC: @2Buck

What is your why?  Inspiration can come in many forms and from people we know or people we’ve never met. Today we are finding our inspiration from Becca who survived a sky diving accident and is having to learn how to do mundane things all over again (breathing, swallowing, moving, etc). Her battle to improve daily inspires me to take advantage of my mobility and not take it for granted.
Mosey to the parking garage.
Becca workout LET’S FREAKIN’ GO!!!! (After each exercise and prior to running the floors each HIM yelled “LET’S FREAKIN’ GO!!!)
Run to Third floor – stairs down
   30 Merkins – LET’S FREAKIN’ GO
   Run to Second floor – stairs down
30 jump squats – LFG!!
Lap around first floor
30 Air thrusters (4 count) – LFG!!
Run to second floor – stairs down
30 squats – LFG!!
Run to Third floor – stairs down
30 Carolina Dry Docks – LFG!!
    Pick up the 6
Mosey back to basketball ct
NO BLUE (blue food dye test – In order to test if Becca can eat solid foods they give her something with blue dye in it, then suction her lungs. If there is blue then the food is going to her lungs instead of her stomach. No good!  The opposite of blue is yellow so we did 11’s to keep our heart rate in the yellow zone!)
11’s – burpees and SSH
MOT – bear crawl there, politician back
DARKHORSE RUN – leader sets pace and direction of run.
ABDOMINAL BINDER – Becca needs this Ab binder to keep her core tight when she is moved around. Core exercises were planned, but the clock tower bell dictated that only 20 (4) count American hammers were necessary.
F3 Dads tomorrow 2pm Sarah Benson Park
CSAUP – 8/21 5am – Proving grounds (behind Nelly’s)
use slack!!!
Get the word out!!!
@tic tacwife having trouble finding purpose.
@Yaris marriage is not doing well. Needs a place by the end of September.
      Praise for relationships with F3
@Green Acres wife’s pregnancy
@walmart – 10 year old girl Anna fighting cancer. Most recent test was not positive
@2Buck and M involvement in anti-trafficking efforts
@Reverb friend Becca – continued healing and positive progress with PT and OT
The theme throughout has been what your motivation and inspiration is. What helps you push past the hard to get better everyday. Your M? Your 2.0s? An all-star athlete?  Someone who can’t do what we take for granted?  There is no shortage of inspiration.
Also keep in mind that you are inspiring others so continue to fight the good fight!

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