Darkhorse – 7.31.21

12 HIM arrived
PAX: @Cross-Stitch @Gutter Ball @Offsides @cut-offs (FNG Matt) @MapQuest @Heidi (1st F Q) @Betamax @Yaris @Reverb @The Boot @Labotomy (FNG Brian)

WMH – runners stretch
Darkhorse to east part of park
Run across park and back
50 burpees
100 squat jumps
150 Merkins
200 SSH
250 Shoulder Taps
300 LBCs
10 Merkins
10 Froggers
10 jump squats
Darkhorse back to basketball court
4 corners
1 – 50 flutter kicks
2 – 50 Freddy Mercury’s
3 – 50 LBCs
4 – 50 mountain climbers
CSAUP Crucible – 8/21
@Excite Bike having pancreas issues
@Reverb – friend Becca making progress and talking now. In a good spot and making better progress than expected
@Cross-Stitch – sister getting tested next week for lump
@Offsides – mom and grandma have Covid
@The Boot – staff at hospital demoralized by increase in Covid cases
@Yaris – separation with wife and Related anxiety. Daughters bday is tomorrow and there will be a lot of family there. Pray for relationships as there will be a lot of people there that don’t like him.
@MapQuest quest – M is turning 40. Wants her to feel celebrated and honored.
@2Buck job situation praise and prayers For decision to be made
John 17:6-11
Jesus is wrapping up his ministry and praying for protection over his disciples. Up to this point he has done everything he could to prepare them for what the world would throw at them. He knew what they were going to face and so he prayed for protection and unity.
Similarly there will come a point when our 2.0’s are ready to leave the house.  We will have done everything we could to prepare them for what we know they will face: temptations, trials, disappointment.
What are we doing today to disciple out kids?  How are we preparing them and praying for them?

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