Darkhorse – 7.17.21

21 PAX returned to Darkhorse for the 2nd installment!  YHC received feedback (more like mumble chatter regarding all the running at the inaugural beatdown) from the first week and adjusted accordingly.
NOTE: Some exercises are synonymous with the Q. Like bear crawls at an @Operation beatdown, squats at a @Kwame beatdown, Alabama prom dates at a @Cosmo beatdown, and cherry pickers at a @Pancreas beatdown, you can expect to run at a @2Buck beatdown. While I did scale back the amount of running I could completely avoid running!
PAX – @Christian Rasmussen (Ted talk) @bob Ross @reverb @Peewee @Heidi @Snooki @Yaris @excite bike @Gutter Ball @Green Acres @Jalisco @Billy Madison @MapQuest @Crop Duster @Kwame @Tijuana @opie @Three’s Company @Winger (Bill Diebenow) @Soul Glo
QIC: @2Buck
Michael Phelps
Hamstring amd quad stretches
Each group was repeated 3 times. Each exercise in each group was done for 40 seconds with a 20 second rest. Each group was split up by a DARKHORSE run (formerly known as Native American run)
Group 1:
  • walk out merkin
  • SSH
  • burpees
  • High knees
  • Merkins
Group 2:
  • floor taps
  • Iron mikes
  • Air squats
  • Apollo Onos
  • Al Gore
Group 3:
  • LBCs
  • WWII
  • J-Los
  • Freddy Mercury
  • Hollow Hold
  • Wednesday night run 7pm at Longview rec
  • CSAUPs upcoming – see @Heidi
  • @MapQuest Quest ‘s M is starting a F3 wives meet up in August
  • @Reverbs friend Becca and second surgery that went well. Still no feeling in shoulders
  • @Kwame accepted a job offer in NC
  • @Offsides father in law’s passing
  • @Crop Duster – rolling hills church plant in Columbia
  • @Chowdah – continued patience and servants heart for wife and her health
  • @Baby Gap
  • @Yaris – needs a place to live. Prayers for reconciliation.
  • Dark knight and @Heidi – teasing at VBS
  • @Green Acres – wife’s pregnancy
What are you a disciple of?
What you value is what you will make time for.
What you value is what you will desire to improve on
What you value is what you will seek guidance and direction onWe are all here as disciples of fitness
  • we’ve made time to be here
  • We’ve set goals and we want to improve
  • We trust the Q for guidance and direction
Those on the Queen
  • we’ve made time to focus on our diet
  • We’ve set goals and want to improve how and what we eat.
  • We trust the process for the results
As a disciple of Christ
  • am I making time to be with Him?
  • Am I setting goals and putting a plan in place to improve my relationship with Jesus?
  • Who am I aligning with for guidance and direction?

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