Dark Horse – 11.13.21

11 HIMs came out to better themselves and pay tribute to our veterans this morning: @Yaris @Fuller @Fertile Myrtle @Tijuana @The Boot @Excite Bike @Gutter-Ball@2Buck @Dangle FNG @layaway YHC- @Ginsu
QIC: : @Ginsu
Conditions: Clear, cold, perfect for a workout
Some calf stretches, some runners stretches, some willie mayes hayes, some good mornings
Thang – Chad 1000X
1000 Step ups on benches under pavilion. A few chose to wear weight. All in we completed 9,750 step ups in 54 minutes.
11/20 F3 Muletown Launch (11/16 official launch date to coincide with Columbia founding date, black-ops on that Tuesday)
11/20 2ndF event at Arrington Vineyards
11/30 Woodland Park
More on slack
Prayer requests
@Fertile Myrtle – continued prayers for final stages of house purchase
@layaway – prayers for M final months of nursing school, finish strong and no burn out from travel
Todays workout was in honor of our Veteran’s and the sacrifices they made/make for all of us and our freedoms. This workout in particular was created for SOC Chad Wilkinson who performed this workout as training for a mountain climb event. Chad served for over 21 years. He was a Navy SEAL, retired, re-enlisted and went through SEAL BUDs program again. He died by suicide on 10/29/2018. The workout is dedicated to bring awareness and support to organizations that support good mental health for our vets.
In everyday life, the enemy wants to isolate us, to twist our thoughts and make us think our lives are meaningless or worthless or whatever he can do to get us to give in. If anyone is feeling this way, please reach out for help, either here, or through any of the professional organizations available. These thoughts are a direct attack from Satan. You are not alone, isolated, worthless, whatever lie he is feeding you. You are loved and cared for and will be missed.
Great work today men! Thank you for putting in the effort and grinding out this mentally & physically taxing workout!
Ginsu out.

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