Crucible’s 7th Quarter – 8.08.2020

11 PAX hamster danced their way to victory this morning!
PAX: @Peewee, @Ron Swanson, @Three’s Company, @Toastmaster, @spit valve, @Cosmo, @Pancreas, @Lone Star, @Dizzy Gillespie, @ragdoll
QIC: @Operation
Squats, mountain climbers, high knees, stretches
Exercises were AMRAP until the Playlist gave us the sweet song of the hamster dance.
Bear Ditch
Line up facing grass at west side of parking lot (near neighborhood). Bear crawl / crawl bear (switching so head is always forward downhill as needed) across grass. 1 prison cell burpee, crawl back, 2 PCBs, crawl, 3 PCBs, etc.
Playlist: “Crawling”, “Hitchin A Ride”, “Hysteria”

Frog Meadow
Line up in front of picnic pavilion opposite playground. Frog jump across the grass, 1 atomic merin, frog jump back, 2 atomic merkins, etc.
Playlist: “No Leaf Clover”, “Supremacy”

Crab Wall Drydock
Start 10 jump squats. Hold wall sit until failure. Crab walk across grass. 20 Carolina Drydocks. Crab or lunge walk back to wall. RNR
Playlist: “Sandstorm”, “Supermassive Black Hole”

Hold on to Stuff
Hold top of pull-up, legs up if possible, until failure. Hold low merkin, alternating leg lifts, until failure. RNR
Playlist: “Take Your Mama”

Hall of Victory
(This was mini-Q7 planned for Crucible)
Line up facing each other on sides of walking path. Start with pair of PAX on one side, start away from the other PAX, alligator merkin to the Hall, then bear crawl max effort through the Hall with encouragement from group, take spot at end of the line, next 2 up. Hall PAX did exercises called by Q during the gator/bears. Included American hammers, monkey humpers, shoulder taps, LBCs, burpees.

Playlist: “I’ll Make a Man out of You”, “Heart of a Dragon”
Lots of workout options in SH now! We got @Cosmo on Q at fort pain, and @Pancreas giving us his stomach bug Q next Armory. Lots of positive feedback for Fortification Fridays!
Prayer requests
@Ron Swanson’s uncle-in-law’s new cancer
Neighbor of @Cosmo, @Toastmaster, and myself leaving the hospital but with very uncertain prognosis
@ragdoll traveling
Prayers for @Dizzy Gillespie’s customer, who opened up for him to pray with her this week after some tough news
The quote I wanted to leave everyone with today was “If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.” – Mark Twain.
If you have any tasks you’re dreading, conversations you’ve been avoiding, it’s best to go ahead and get after it. Start your days attacking what’s difficult. Day can only get better from there. I need to remind myself of that most days, and it’s great to knock out my physical frog with you guys on F3 mornings!
Eat that frog.
Op out

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