Cosmo’s Time Machine Part 2: More 90s Boogaloo – 11.25.2020

@channel 6 HIM didn't let the coyotes keep them in their fartsack and conquered the gloom and #fort-pain together on 11/25/2020.
PAX: @Dizzy Gillespie @Pancreas @Heidi @Foosball and @Operation coming in with a no-HC covert drop.
QIC: @Cosmo

The PAX got a casual start to the morning with some good MC early on, despite the sprinkling of rain and uptick in wind, which always warms a Qs heart and bodes well for the workout. With the disclaimer out of the way, Warmorama kicked in with some Good Mornings, SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Hillbilly Walkers, Mountain Climbers, and Cherry Pickers. YHC had to briefly stop to save Old Glory and get her back upright. 
Wind 0 – F3SH 1.
With that out of the way, the PAX grabbed H20 and went for an Indian Run up to @Peewee's Playhouse to fire up the flux capacitor for the time travel. @Operation astutely pointed out that we had just enough PAX to do a full rotation by the time we got to the playhouse, also boding well for the workout.
Once at the playhouse, we moved the tables out to give some space and got into the thang.
Thang 1: Return of the 90s
60 seconds on, 30 seconds off AMRAP to a 90s Alt playlist. YHC went heavy on the abs to preserve legs for TurkeyPath.
Squats – Burpees – American Hammers – Low Plank Hold – Overhead Presses – WW2s – Alabama Prom Dates – LBCs – Iron Mikes – Al Gore – Dips – Shoulder Taps – RECORD SCRATCH! At this point, the PAX (inspired by @Heidi being Heidi) invented a new workout for the Exicon called “Tap, Tap, Bear.” In a circle, do shoulder taps as PAX rotates someone Bear Crawling around the circle and tapping shoulders. Repeat until everyone got a turn – High Plank Hold – WW1s – Sprints
PAX had the opportunity to avoid the springs but @Operation incorrectly guessed which female-led 90s Alt Rock band played Seether. Kudos to @Pancreas for his correct answer, but YHC had already arbitrarily decided punishment was in order.
YHC cranked up The Who's “Baba O'Riley” and informed the PAX to do Imperial Walkers non-stop for the almost 5-minute song.
By then it was just about time so we moseyed on back to the flag as YHC rambled some incoherent nonsense about Black Friday deals that thoroughly confused @Pancreas and in hindsight confused YHC as well.
The Message – Thankful
As the PAX knows, YHC is a history buff so he couldn't avoid an opportunity to bring some of that to the workout. On the cusp of Thanksgiving, honoring the very first Thanksgiving at Plymouth (likely held in October over multiple days), YHC shared a letter from William Hilton that was written in November of 1621 and sent back home to England.
Loving Cousin,
At our arrival in New Plymouth , in New England, we found all our friends and planters in good health, though they were left sick and weak, with very small means; the Indians round about us peaceable and friendly; the country very pleasant and temperate, yielding naturally, of itself, great store of fruits, as vines of diverse sorts in great abundance. There is likewise walnuts, chestnuts, small nuts and plums, with much variety of flowers, roots and herbs, no less pleasant than wholesome and profitable. No place hath more gooseberrries and strawberries, nor better. Timber of all sorts you have in England doth cover the land, that affords beasts of diverse sorts, and great flocks of turkey, quails, pigeons and partridges; many great lakes abounding with fish, fowl, beavers, and otters. The sea affords us great plenty of all excellent sorts of sea-fish, as the rivers and isles doth variety of wild fowl of most useful sorts. Mines we find, to our thinking; but neither the goodness nor quality we know. Better grain cannot be than the Indian corn, if we will plant it upon as good ground as a man need desire. We are all freeholders; the rent-day doth not trouble us; and all those good blessings we have, of which and what we list in their seasons for taking.Our company are, for most part, very religious, honest people; the word of God sincerely taught us every Sabbath; so that I know not any thing a contented mind can here want. I desire your friendly care to send my wife and children to me, where I wish all the friends I have in England; and so I rest
Your loving kinsman,
William Hilton
William Hilton arrived to this New World after the original Mayflower group and found a colony that was 1/5 of its original size (entire families decimated), Native American tribes surrounding the colony (good relations but different cultures), he had no family with him, and he was in an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT CONTINENT. Despite all of this, Hilton's letter drips with amazement and gratitude. YHC highlighted some portions and encouraged PAX to consider the astonishing amount of faith and thankfulness that those first settlers had and to model that same attitude in the next 48+ hours.

TurkeyPath is tomorrow (11/26/20). Starts at 5:30, bring a coupon, and be prepared for some less than ideal ground conditions. If you haven't started training, maybe run a mile today and eat a stromboli tonight for dinner.
#fortificationfriday is a TBD with @Foosball and/or @Tiny Dancer making some final decisions soon. Maybe throw an HC into the channel to help them ascertain interest.
#the-armory is still on for Saturday. #q_calendar says @Tiny Dancer but maybe an audible there since TD has been breathing that poorly ventilated public service sector air downtown. Regardless, if you haven't Qed in the last 3 months or haven't Qed at all, seriously put some prayer and thought into stepping forward.
Prayer Request
@Dizzy Gillespie's Community Group member, Sammy, who may pass soon due to a quickly worsening medical situation. (non-COVID related)
The entire PAX to remember William Hilton and have faith and thankfulness in their hearts.
The entire TurkeyPath crew for no injuries and good vibes.
That about does it for this one, brothers. Get stronger. Get better. Suck less.

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