Core Transformations – 3.14.2020

This Beatdown dedicated to my dad, Corky, on his birthday and to the owner of my former gym in CA.

Beatdown Title: Core Transformations, aka #morecore, aka “Keep @Foosball guessing”, aka “Pancreas struggles with math”

8 HIM’s came out to get better together for The Armory: @Ron Swanson @Lone Star @Tiny Dancer @Foosball @Heidi @Operation @ragdoll
QiC: Pancreas

10 “Squat Mornings” said @Heidi
Big arm circles
Arm swings to each side of body, definitely not Windmills, according to @Foosball
10 Merkins with right leg in air, 10 Merkins with left leg in air
@ragdoll showed up “I don’t need no stinkin’ warmup!”

Mosey to path
High Knee (or Heinie) Hammers: 1 count or 4 count, I’m not sure.
Sprint down path to corner. Mr. Ropers – 15 on each side
Crunchy Scissor Flutter Kicks – 25 maybe?
@ragdoll‘s Politically-Incorrect Small Person Leg Extensions: Alternating legs – 10 total, then 10 per leg
More Heinie Hammers, Pancreas still not sure about count. Sprint to coupons. Turns out, @Operation had been waiting for us at the coupons all along. Carry coupons to pavilion, put down
Table Flutters: 20 both legs, 20 alternating leg 4-count, 20 @Kwame Y-crossovers 4-count
Carry coupons to swingset area, on your 6
V-Hold with hands above head: QiC mistakenly chose @Heidi to sadistically count off extremely slowPartner up
2 rounds each – Partner A: From a bar, hanging leg lifts while Partner B does opposite side arm/leg extensions while on hands and knees – 10 on each side (Pancreas confused himself but we persevered)
1 round – Partner A run around flagpole while Partner B does Sky Coupon Crunches. Then switch.
J-Lo’s until all-in.Carry coupons to path.
Walking lunge coupon twists, 20 total (10 for each leg). Then mosey to parking lot. Coupons down.
20 big-boy sky toe-touches
Crouching Tiger Hidden Chicken Wing – 15 on each side. @Tiny Dancer, “Do I rotate my hip?” On opposing ends of the parking lot:
Partners bear crawl toward each other, meeting in the middle with a few feet of Social Distance while doing 20 mock Bro-Ups.
Crawl bear back to starting line.
Left side crab walk to center, then do 50 Crabby Alternating Toe Touches. When finished, do Alabama Prom Dates until all-in.
Yelled for Jeremy, but still so sign. PAX believe we may have officially scared him off. :cry: Right side crab walk back to starting line.Return to coupons on grass for more of @ragdoll‘s Height-Challenged Individual’s Swinging Toe Pointers.
Mosey with coupons to return them, then back to grass for @Ron Swanson to count us off 30 (?) Jumping J-Lo Side Planks.
Finish with somewhere between 30-50 Heinie Hammers.

COT – Take a knee.
Announcements: 3rd F at @tinydancer’s church on Sunday, look for 2nd F lunch opportunities this week with many guys working from home, and more 1st F opportunities too

Prayers for:
@ragdoll‘s family and some ongoing mental health issues
@Lone Star‘s M’s step sister, Rayna. Her kidney is shutting down.
@Ron Swanson’s M. Recent tests may mean MS, but seeking answers and healing in her brain and body.

God is faithful in health issues, in world issues, in all things. This is a crazy time, but we will stand strong on our faith in God Almighty and our Lord Jesus Christ. This is an excellent time in life and F3 to live out our faith and be a light and example to the masses. Men, keep leading at home and in the community. The time is now! Grateful to be in this with you.

SYITG, Pancreas

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