Combat Fitness Deck – 5.16.2020

3 HIM made the right decision and got COMBAT READY with 2 cards from the Combat Fitness Deck

PAX: @ragdoll@Heidi

2 minute plank between the cards. We made it through 40 of the 50 burpees on the last set on 9 of diamonds. Here’s how the 2 minute breaks were modifiedBreak 1: 20 pushups, flutter kicks to time
Break 2: shoulder presses
Break 3: 2 min Freddie mercuries
Break 4: shoulder presses

Great work men. There’s no way I would have attempted this alone. Thanks for pushing both me and yourselves!


  • 10 year anniversary coming up in January 2021 – Cape Fear! (NC)
  • F3 Spring Hill 1 year anniversary will be next Saturday, and it’s looking to be IN PERSON! Details on dinner are forthcoming.

Prayer requests:

-Heidi’s work
-Rag doll and TD coping with Quarantine life

Shout out to @Lone Star and @Pancreas who are getting after it at Gauntlet!

Hope in Christ. SYITG.


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