Columbia Black Ops – Wolf and Scout Coffee – 2.26.21

5 runners & 3 ruckers took to the streets of Colombia for some black ops shenanigans.
Runners:  @Kwame, @Timeshare, @Tijuana, @Heidi, @Peewee
Ruckers: @Cosmo, @Lone Star, @Ginsu
We met at Wolf and Scout at 6:00 and departed in two separate directions, but both groups found their way through downtown and over the bridge to riverfront park.
Everyone met back at Wolf and Scout at 7:00 to support our boy @Aladdin’s new coffee shop for some F3 Coffeeteria.
As we were leaving, @Timeshare took “clown car” to a whole new level.  He spilled his coffee all over his SUV and left his trunk open.
Great times and great memories!

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