Citadel – 8.30.21

4 HIMS showed up at citadel today to start off the week getting better
PAX: @Commodore @blackout
@Underoos and QIC: @corncob

Dab jacks ic
Bacs ic
Back bacs ic
25 merkins oyo
Willie Mays Hayes
25 2 ct mtn climbersThe thang:
Partner up Dora, p1 runs lap around medical plaza
P2 starts exercises
100 burpees
100 BBS
200 squatsMosey to the pitThang 2:11’s on big hill politician up, mosey down, burpee’s at the bottom, no surrenders at the topAnnouncements:
Check slack
TN Tussle
Disruption weekPrayer requests:
Underoos IVF guidance and safe delivery of treatment
Waverly families etc
Afghanistan families
Hurricane Ida families affected
F3 brothers M’s and family/relationshipsMoleskin:Choose positivity, time is our most scarce and valuable resource, so we might as well try to be the happiest we can be as often as possible and make as many other people as happy as we possibly canBe grateful and reflect on itGratitude and positivity are both choicesKeep consistent positive action and get a little bit better each time to harness the power of momentum for good and for your favor.  Momentum is super powerful both positive and negative momentum.Go out and make the world better one interaction at a time.PrayerCorncob out

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