Citadel – 8.16.21

F3 Corncob VQ
9 pax made it out to citadel to get lit in the pit!
@Foosball (3rdFQ) @Pancreas (Nant’an) @Lone Star @Yaris @Tijuana @Heidi (1st F Q) @JoeyFreshwater @Winger (Bill Diebenow)
SSH ic to dab jacks ic
10 super man merkins oyo
10 shoulder taps in plank ic
10 JLo’s oyo
25 2ct mtn climbers
10 BBS
10 imperial walkers
Mosey to field with coupons, partner up p1 starts with carrying weight, p2 15 bbs, sprint to p1 switch, continue until at pit bottom big hill
After bbs, goes 15 merkins, 15 squats, repeat until there
Thang 1:
Big hill partner up
P1 sprints up hill, touch fence 5 merkins, crawl bear down
P2 continuous blockees until p1 completes
P1 politicians up hill, touch fence 5 BBS, crab walk down
P2 continuous curls and weighted squats your choice until p1 completes
sprint up hill mosey down to finish
Thang 2 the square (cones make square on small hill)
2 lines
Rd1-10 super man merkins, sprint up hill, bear crawl across,mosey down, high knees across
Rd2-10 2 ct American hammers, bear crawl up hill, sprint across, crab walk down, karaokes across
Rd3-10 burpees, sprint up, sprint across, sprint down, sprint across
Do circuit x2
Pick up weights and cones, go back to lot for cot etc.
The power of positivity and negativity:
Biologically our brain has a tendency to think negatively, this makes sense if you think back to early humans where there were threats everywhere.  It was a survival mechanism.
Today we don’t have those same threats but our brains remain stuck back in time.  I challenge everyone to choose positivity, as it can literally change your DNA and allow you to achieve things you never thought possible.
3 ways to help you retrain your brain more positively:
Stop saying stupid sh*t out loud. While you can’t stop negative thoughts from happening, you can choose not to speak them.  Words have power, negative words lead to negative habits which lead to a negative, unfulfilling destiny
Practice gratitude.  Think of it like a copy/paste in your brain.  When you think something negative and you feel yourself choosing pessimism, choose gratitude.  Think of 3 things you’re grateful for at that moment instead, speak them if you’re in a place where you can.  Do this for 30+ days and watch your mood, vigor, and life change.
Gratitude journaling.  I make a list with 2 columns.  Left side, everything I’m grateful for, right side my wishes/goals.  Pray over them.  Do this as often as you need.  I used to start every morning with this, have probably switched over time to weekly.  Watch yourself become more positive and watch yourself progress towards your goals incrementally.
God wants all of us to win and has a great destiny for us, but he also gives us the gift of free will and the ability to cancel that destiny.  Negativity is one way to slowly create habits that would cancel that destiny, so I challenge you all to choose positivity.  It isn’t easy, but it is a choice.
Text from a mentor yesterday that was timely:
Momentum is a powerful force. Often difficult to get started, but once in motion it creates a positive feedback loop that not only drives our physical quests, but allows the mind to expand the horizon of what’s possible.
If you’ve got the big MO right now, keep it going and think bigger. But if for some reason you find yourself in a rut and struggling get started or staying motivated, know that we all find ourselves there at times.
The solution is not to wallow, but to take  action. Take that first step, however small, and reinforce it through consistent and purposeful action towards your goals, dreams and aspirations.
The thing about consistent action is that it provides the foundation from which breakthrough performances are possible. And from those, the cycle begins again to reframe the outer boundaries of what we now believe is possible.
Crucible and darkhorse Saturday
Prayer requests:
Joey freshwater witness in case guidance
Yaris tranquility in current tribulation
Heidi job offer clarity
Sorry if I forgot anything else
Prayer: dear lord thank you for this day and bringing us together, please watch over and help everyone and everything laid out during prayer requests.
We ask that you help us greet each day with love in our hearts and that you inspire us with a tenacity and vigor for life to achieve the great destiny that you’ve laid out for each of us.  In your name we pray, amen.

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