Citadel – 10.18.21

10.18.21 | THE Citadel | 4 PAX | Immaculate Morning

@Cornholio @Cornholio @Pancreas (Nant’an) and @foosball

4 PAX took Tollgate by storm this morning. Recognizing they each had something to give in order to get better. And better they got.

Mosie a couple laps around the pawking lot.

Line jumps and donkey kicks
1) lateral line jumps 1min, 20 donkey kicks and 10 legs elevated shoulder taps.2) front to back, 20, 203) one leg the switch, 20,204) bear lateral hops (maybe that’ll be the name), 25,251 min elevated feet hold.

Equipment (30lb Kettlebell, 2 40lb filler, ruck, and bucket of kittens)1) timer runs around building. Stations: curls w/ KB, squat thruster wit filler and bucket of kittens, over the shoulder filler back burpees. X22) timer mosie sides and sprints straight, KB swings,  bear crawl (then filler throw burpees in second), weight step ups onto kitten bucket. X2Mary
10 pikes
10 ea side side bridges
10 pikes

Looking for more volunteers for grey ghost
Pax in Bourbon Chase killed it!

After watching the bourbon chase men crush it. I reflected on how each one of us is far more capable than we give ourselves credit for. But not limited to workouts, it applies to our walk with Jesus, our work with our Ms, being a father. You can dig deep and bring out the best. Sometimes you don’t have to even dig deep, just make the decision. Love you all.

Foos out.

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