Citadel – 10.11.21

PAX: @Foosball (3rdFQ) @2Buck @Cross-Stitch @Operation @Aflac @Joey Freshwater @Winger 
Q: @Soul Glo

8 PAX gathered in the gloom to attack the morning, win the day, and train for the TN Tussle.

Abe Vigodas
Willie Mays Hayes
Good mornings
High knees

The Thang:1/2 mile run — 2 laps around the parking lot

Mosey to the field

PAX split into teams of 4Team 1: @2Buck @Cross-Stitch @Foosball (3rdFQ) @OperationTeam 2: @Aflac @Joey Freshwater @Soul Glo @Winger 

As a team:200 iron mikes
Bear crawl
200 hand release merk9
Partner carry
200 monkey humpers
Bear crawl
200 one count shoulder taps
Partner carry
200 one count Apollo Ohnos
Bear crawl
200 WW1s
Partner carry
200 squats
Bear crawl
200 high low planks
Partner carry
25 Lt Dan’s per PAX
Bear crawl
200 hand release merkins
Wheelbarrow carry back to finish

Grey Ghost: volunteers needed
TN Tussle: 10/15 deadline to register
Check slack for other stuff

We work through the tussle training as a team, not as individuals. Life is a team sport. We are not lone rangers, we are not superheroes that work alone. As men we are tempted to try to do everything on our own, to be the solo heroes. Whatever we are going through: injury, sickness, death, family issues, job losses, depression, everything that life throws at us… We can make it through anything with a team. Please share what you are going through with the PAX. It doesn’t have to be at COT, it can be with your shield lock or just with one or two PAX. Leave no man behind and leave no man where we found him does not end at 615. It goes throughout the day and throughout the week. We will not leave you behind.

Soul out.

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