Blackops AO – Allendale’s Debut – 3.30.2020

PAX: @Joey Freshwater @Lone Star@Heidi Owen Threewit (FNG – Throwmama) @Tiny Dancer (30lb ruck) (QIC)
  • Phase 1 – The Zachary Tellier Hero WOD
10 Burpees10 Burpees
25 Push-Ups10 Burpees
25 Push-Ups – YHC took off the ruck for all remaining merkins in phase 1 :disappointed_relieved:
50 Lunges10 Burpees
25 Push-Ups
50 Lunges
100 Sit-Ups10 Burpees
25 Push-Ups
50 Lunges
100 Sit-Ups
150 Air SquatsAll PAX finished with 6 minutes to spare!Phase 2 – MSBS (Merkins, Squats, Burpees, Squats) until time- 10 reps of one exercise = 1 subset (30 second time limit)
– 4 subsets (one of each workout) = 1 set- Your only break is if you complete your subset in under 30 seconds.PAX logged 3 full sets before time. @throwmama killed it!!! Great to have you in the phalanx!Prayers:
  • Corona
  • Ron Swanson’s M
Post party: (YHC) 40 pull-upsGreat work, men! Hope some of you who didn’t make it try this beatdown sometime today!Stay patient with your M’s and 2.0’s, and continue to lead from the front! We got this!TD out.

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