Black Ops Uprising – 1.08.2021

Following some early evening cryptic messages in the #uprising channel last night, five ninja like HIMs stealthy met at the bottom of Duplex Rd in the gloomy snow covered cold in a BlackOps mission to tackle six miles of rolling hills.  @Pancreas, @Dizzy Gillespie, @Sully, @Kwame and YHC set out and got a great start to our Friday.
Huge shout out to @Dizzy Gillespie and @Sully for their distance PRs of six miles.  Well done men, and we look forward to running many more with you.
In the COT, @Kwame reminded us of our prayers being answered as our 2.0s head back to school next week.  @Sully led us in prayer and reminded us that there are two ways we can look at things.  We can look around and be down due to our surroundings or conditions, or we can remember that we live in God’s beautiful creation.  He also prayed that we do our best not to turn our attention to all the negative things happening in the world today, but to do our best in turning our attention to God.
Thanks all
Signing off and wishing all of you a great weekend. 

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