Black Ops Run – 12.12.2019

Brisk morning of the Surprising Uprising (Thursday ‘pop up’ edition) with 2 others Ganis, Kwame, and Ganis’ brother, Gabriel, who has officially been named Wrangler!  When your first F3 event is a 4.5 mile run up a large hill in 26 degree weather and out of necessity you wear jeans? Yeah, you get to be called Wrangler- he’s one tough customer :muscle::skin-tone-3:

Great getting to know him, you could see Ganis’ influence on his younger brother, very nice, God fearing young man.

Prayed for Ganis’ family, for safe travels (Wrangler is heading back to California Saturday) and praise for bringing us all together for the run today.

I don’t know about anyone else, but really nice to get that 15 minutes of extra shuteye this morning :joy:



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