Black-Ops Ruck – 9.26.21

PAX: @Blackout @Lone Star @Offsides @Ginsu (YHC)

Conditions: Clear, sunny, low 80s, beautiful day for a ruck

Star Course training.  Meet at Publix behind First Watch.  Ruck to 7 way points around Spring Hill.
Official way points included: Lowes, Water Tower, Allendale, Peter Jenkins Walking Trail Sign, Fire Station 3, Campbell Station Car Wash, Willow Springs Senior Living Sign
Unofficial way point included: Gary’s Place

HIMs set off and maintained a very manageable pace (avg moving pace 17:27).  YHC had in mind the most efficient route but was corrected a number of times by local expert @Lone Star for safer and shorter segments between way points.  On our way to the Water Tower, we spotted @Rudolph in his natural habitat.  We passed by @Hot Mic (Tribute)@Bubba Gump & @Tiny Dancer’s abodes as well but saw no signs of activity, so continued on.  As we passed the Fire Station and made our way towards the Car Wash, we conveniently passed by Gary’s and made that our unofficial 8th way point (to better simulate the Nashville Star Course event). After a quick ACRT (Advanced Cellular Repair Technology) beverage, we continued on to our final 2 way points before returning to the endex.

Mumblechatter was strong throughout.

Thanks for joining me this fine Sunday afternoon!

SYITG – @Ginsu

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