Black Ops Quarantine WOD – Feast of St. Joseph – 3.19.2020

YHC showed up 2 minutes late due to an emergency tire issue. Backed out of the driveway and realized my tire was flat. That’ll be fun to address today.
Mosey to playground
Burpee apocalypse from 10
Pull-up apocalypse from 7 (10 squats in between each set)
Mosey to parking lot
Modified Valentine’s Day Massacre (random but works great for a pandemic)
Set one: getting to know you
2 min low plank
30 merkins
40 squats
20 burpees
Set 2 – hot and heavy
2 min low plank
2 rounds
– 14 burpee broad jumps
– 30 merkins
– 14 overhead lunges
– 40 2 count flutter kicks
Set 3 – honeymoon
2 rounds:
30 yard Bear crawl
30 yard crawl bear
15 burpees.
VDay massacre cut way short due to time.COT
  • today is feast of St. Joseph, the model husband and father. May Christ mold us into him and guide us by his example, especially in the face of quarantine-induced cabin fever. Also, don’t forget to eat some Italian food (New Orleans tradition)
  • Plenty of people out this morning working out. Prime FNG hunting season.
  • It is officially TD week. See y’all at Armory.
TD out

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