Black Ops Maury County Park – 9.22.21

7 High Impact Men didn’t let the weather stop them and came out for a jaunt up a hill in the rain.  @OPIE @Buckeye @2Buck @Oscar Mayer @Yaris @Rudolph and me.

We stretched a little and then headed up and into the park from the baseball fields.  This parks had a lot of “loops” and we got most of them especially the one at the top of the hill.  There are 2 or 3 more loops/detours I know of in the park that can be added for more distance and scenery in the future. We loosely stayed together since it was pretty dark and the paths we pretty slippery.

Announcements: Big Bigby Bolt this Saturday in honor of my friend Josh Bailey.

Convergence this Saturday somewhere up north ish Nolensville or Franklin.

TN Tussell training coming up at #ao-battalion at 5:15 AMs on Fridays if interested.

prayer requests:
@Yaris is moving this weekend and may need some help@2Buck‘s 2.0 Stag recovery from a back injury, prayers for healing and coping with the emotional stress being 14 years old and having a back injury can have on a young man.

Prayers for healing for @Hot Mic (Tribute) @Blackout

Had planed to play a Bear Bryant speech that was shared by one of my cousins to me on my Bluetooth speaker.  But it was so Moist out that I opted for a brief summary from memory instead.  In summary I found it interesting how the 3 principles of F3 are “almost” identical to the 3 values in Bear Bryant’s speech.  His 3 “fs” were Physical, Mental, Spiritual.  As promised here is the link.

Disclaimer  : go vols.

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