Black Ops – Manterbury – 5.03.21

7.75 HIM (2.75 FNGs) got after it for a night time snack of a beatdown in front of the Canterbury Pool.

PAX: @Operation @Heidi @Hot Mic @Pre-K @Short Bus (FNG) @Biden (FNG) @Cosmo (YHC) Micah (Pre-Vac FNG)
QIC: @Cosmo

YHC welcomed the PAX, shared the 3 Fs, explained the Five Principles of F3, and gave the disclaimer.

Warm-O-Rama consisted of Willie Mays Hayes, Abe Vigodas, BACs, Back BACs, and some SSHs that YHC enjoyed seeing @Heidi’s face as we went past 20…then 25…finally ending at 30.

Thang 1 – Elevens
Start with 10 Burpees, lunge walk down the field, 1 Merkin, sprint back. You know what comes next. FNGs led the pack here!

Thang 2 – Motivators
Started at 6 and worked down to 1. Calves were screaming eagles by now!

Thang 3 – @Operation led Dora
Two teams of six. One man runs the circle in front of the pool, two men AMRAP an exercise until each man has run a lap. Started with Atomic Merkins for round one, did American Hammers for round two.
Wouldn’t be a workout with @Operation without some bear crawls, so we bear crawled the quarter loop to the flag for a final 5 minutes with Mary. Around here was when Micah mysteriously pre-vac’d. Each PAX had a chance to call out an exercise and do a cadence count before we called TIME!

Explained OHW, explained AOs, explained F3 and purpose of early AM workouts.

Prayer Requests
– @Pre-K’s coworker who had their baby pass away due to SIDS
– @Operation with this morning’s car wreck.
– Praise for @Biden’s wife who is getting baptized this weekend! :raised_hands::skin-tone-2:

YHC read from Ephesians 5:23 about men being servant leaders to our families. It’s why we workout early, so our time doesn’t conflict with being servant leaders and being present at home. Taken in sections, one could get a wrong idea about a man’s role, but as a whole we’re called be leaders of families like Christ was a father of the church. That wasn’t out of force or superiority, it was out of love, strength, and being a servant first.
Great night and got commits for the FNGs to show up to Fort Pain and Muscle Beach. Pics in the replies.
SYITG, Cosmo out.

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