Black (Ops) Friday – 6.19.2020

PAX: @Foosball @Heidi @Joey Freshwater YHC
25 SSH
10 squats
Hammy stretches
Willie Mays Hayes
Buy in: 50 burpees
Part 1: 20 sets
1 pull-up, 10 Merkins, 2 pull-ups, 10 Merkins, 3 pull-ups, 10 Merkins, and so on…all the way up to 10 pull-ups and back down to 1 pull-up.
200 merkins total!
Part 2: sandbag and rucks
PAX divided up into 2 teams
Team 1: 2 PAX took turns with 60#sb performing a clean and press for 2 minutes
Team 2: each had a ruck; each would perform 10 kettlebell swings and 10 bent rows; R&R for 2 minutes
After each 2 minute interval, PAX would switch stations. We made 3 trips to each station
We only had time remaining for 10 burpees
@Kwame on Q tomorrow.
I need to get out to The Trapp
Prayer requests:
My M’s health
Owner of Deer Run
We had a great 20 minute post beatdown conversation about current events and the George Floyd tragedy. Very thankful for this group of HIM!
Thanks for getting your testosterone on with me this AM! See y’all tomorrow!
TD out 

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