Black Ops AO – Manterbury – 3.20.20

@Cosmo and @Operation got together (but not close) in Canterbury’s pool/playground area to put on an F3 show for the neighborhood. The workout was planned in real-time based on ground conditions at the time.

Warm-up with some mosey, SSHs, squats, and stretches.

BLIMPS (burpees, lunges, merkins, plank jacks, squats)
5 burpees to 30 squats as a pyramid
Around the circular path on-site, quarter lap followed by exercise:
Frog jumps – leg raises
Politician run – J-Los
Grapevine left – LBCs
Grapevine right – ski abs
4 laps around the circle
Toe touch walk a quarter lap
Al Gore until time

We waved at a few people, no one came up though. We did call out to a guy we thought we knew, but I texted our friend later and that was NOT him. The forecast was for 80% thunderstorm, so maybe that scared people off.

Thanks to @Cosmo for coming out and being able to encourage each other. Eventually some guys are going to come around.

Op Out

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