Black Ops – 10.24.21

4 HIM @Heidi (1st F Q) @2Buck @Chowdah – Community Outreach @Hot Mic (Tribute)   ventured out for an early Sunday morning adventure at #ao-fort-pain  with ideal weather conditions.

With 32# I set out on a 5 mile trail ruck at 6:15.  The rest of the crew showed up for a 6:30 5 mile trail run.  They caught me when I was 2.4 miles in and I stuck with them after they passed me for the next 1.8 miles until we went different directions.  At “The Green Monster” I walked backward up the hill (leg burner) then headed back to the parking lot waiting only a few minutes before they completed their run.

Not much else to report, it was just a beautiful morning to be outside.

Hot Mic out!

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