Bear Crawls & Burpees – 10.07.2020

9 PAX braved the foggy gloom of Fort Pain for Bear Crawls & Burpees this morning!
PAX: @Lone Star, @Joey Freshwater, @spit valve, @Doggy Doo, @Mountain Mamma, @Rudolph, @Peewee, @Three’s Company
Q: Heidi
Front/Back Arm circles
10 SSH
10 High Knee Hammers
Grab the flag and mosey to the middle of the south field, where PAX are introduced to Bear Hill. Why is it called Bear Hill? Let's find out….
Bear Hill Climb
PAX pair up at the base of Bear Hill. PAX 1 starts bear crawling up the hill, PAX 2 runs up the hill to the trail and does 5 burpees, then runs back to the starting point and does 5 more burpees, then runs to PAX 1 and they swap out, where PAX 1 takes over the bear crawl and PAX 2 runs and exercises. Halfway through the 1st run the Q misjudged the distance to the trail and decided to shorten the burpee runs to just 1 instead of 2.
Whatever, just run and do burpees.
Burp, Push, Squat, Crunch AMRAP
AMRAP of 5 burpees, 10 Merkins, and 15 squats, 20 LBCs;
repeat for 10 minutes
Mosey back to front parking lot for:
1 Minute Tabatas
AMRAP exercise for 1 minute, break for 10 seconds. Q calls out next exercise during the break.
American Hammers
More Burpees!
All the CSAUPs.
Ron Swanson has Armory this Saturday.
Fort Pain Q calendar is wide open, so Rudolph grabbed next week!
Prayer Requests:
Healing for Doggy Doo's M and mother in law.
Safe travels for all of us on the road this week.
Last week I heard a pastor make a great analogy for men needing other men in their lives. Mohamad Ali, one of the greatest boxers of all time, would always have a group of bodyguards surrounding him as he entered an arena. This man could easily beat anyone who was foolish enough to try to attack him, yet he always had other men around him for protection. He depended and relied on them. This is one of the roles that F3 allows us to play in each others lives. We learn to depend and rely on each other for help, guidance, and protection, instead of trying to take on life alone.

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