Battle Creek – 2.18.22

PAX: @Three’s Company @Heidi (1st F Q) @Dizzy Gillespie (F3 Dads) @Hot Mic (Tribute)
FNGs: none
Q: @Hot Mic (Tribute)
Count: 4
Standard disclaimers.
Good mornings
Low and slow squats
Willie Mays Hayes
Runners Stretch
The Thang: For Time
Reverse ladder: 20-15-10-5 as planned below.
20 – 60# ground to over the shoulder
20 bag facing burpees must jump over the bag
420 meter 60# burden carry (1 lap around community center)
15 – 60# ground to over the shoulder
15 bag facing burpees must jump over the bag
420 meter 60# burden carry (1 lap around community center)
And so on down through 5
Everyone finished and had 4 minutes of Mary.
See Slack Announcements channel
Praise @Three’s Company family is all back safe from Disney
Franklin Convergence next Saturday
Franklin off the books mini convergence or something this Saturday
CSAUP 1st Saturday in March
Prayer Request:
@Heidi (1st F Q)’s Family
@Dizzy Gillespie (F3 Dads) M and pregnancy, 8 months along.
Mole Skin:
In Church right now we are going through a study in the book of Jonah.
What’s fascinating is that it is really the story of us all. God has placed a call on our life. Maybe we are following it, maybe we are not.
In the case of Jonah, he was running away from God’s call. God got him back on track through a severe storm that threatened the lives of not just Jonah but the lives of all those with him.
The solution? Through him overboard!
And this is where it gets interesting.
I’m sure we all know what happens next…the big fish. And that is what I want to talk about.
I started asking the question when storms are raging out at sea, where do the fish go? Through some research, I discovered that they go really, really deep. It is on the surface that the waters are most impacted and where all the turbulence is taking place. They go deep because that is where the waters are calmer.
Not only is it interesting that a BIG fish was near the surface but then after taking Jonah in, it went deep…back down to calmer waters, waters that were safe. Now I have never heard a message about this but to me it is a fascinating thing to consider in the context of this story as a whole.
Back in 2013 just 4 months after moving to Nashville I quit my job to pursue a career that has a high chance of failure because I felt this is what God was calling me to do. Believe me, this was not what was supposed to be happening. It was not part of the plan. But God’s plans were different than mine.
I wasn’t running from God, in fact I was being obedient. That does not mean life will be easy and that you won’t go through a storm or two on the way. This was a significant change in direction and I felt that God was saying, “Ok, you’ve gone to Bible College and have your Bachelor’s degree in Ministry. You have led ministries, served on boards and taught the Bible for decades. Let’s see if you really believe all that stuff and will trust ME to carry you through.”
What is interesting is that about two months prior I started spending a lot of time in God’s word. Sometime an hour or two a day. Without my knowing it, God was taking me deep? While on the surface the storm seemed to be raging, and I NEVER thought I would have to ask for help in
some of the ways we did, I always had a feeling and knowledge that things were going to be okay. There was an unexplainable calm and peace through that entire time except for when I tried to do too much on my own. It was one of the most peaceful time in my life.
Storms don’t just come on those who are running from God, but I think they are always used to get out attention.
If you are in a storm right now, and I know some of the PAX are, I want to challenge you, GO DEEP in your relationship with God. Spend more time than you normally would and see if He will not bring a calm and a peace that really doesn’t make sense. To led your family well, for them to feel
confident remain calm and experience peace you yourself those MUST be part of your life. Go deep and let God do the unexplainable.
Take a knee.
I appreciate the opportunity to lead today and hang out with my brothers
SYITG, Hot Mic Out!

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