Battle Creek – 12.31.21

The Battle of Stalingrad
PAX: @Ginsu, @Offsides, @Hot Mic (Tribute), @Dizzy Gillespie (F3 Dads), @Cosmo (YHC)
QIC: @Cosmo
Pre-Party: @Offsides, @Ginsu, @Hot Mic (Tribute) crushed a 4-miler 1:00/0:30!
SSHs, Good Mornings, WMHs, and more SSHs to Darude’s “Sandstorm” in honor of the Duke’s Mayo Bowl Champions.

Carry sandbags to path between the ball fields.
Thang 1 – Modified Live Free or Die WOD
4 Rounds
Run to backstop of the big ball field and back (Approx 400 ft)
13 Sandbag Squats
Run to backstop and back
Exercise determined by round
Round 1: 62 Sandbag Pull Throughs
Round 2: 62 Sandbag Reverse Lunges
Round 3: 62 Sandbag High Pulls
Round 4: 62 Endorphins
YHC played some inspiring Russian music to motivate the comrades towards great victory.
Big T-Claps to @Hot Mic (Tribute) for finishing all the work. Everyone else only had Endorphin reps left as QIC made sure we squeezed in our last run then continue with Endorphin leftovers.
Thang 2 – Heyyyyyyyy Brother
Hold squat until you can’t then call “Stop” and all do a squat jump then back into squat hold. YHC unfortunately was the only one to call “Stop” twice.
Check Slack
Prayer Requests
@Dizzy Gillespie (F3 Dads) starts a new job on Monday.
Continued healing for @Dizzy Gillespie (F3 Dads) as he begins Physical Therapy.
@Hot Mic (Tribute)’s daughter, Shaylee, continued healing as she fights some bacterial infections.
@Hot Mic (Tribute) for crushing the WOD
@Ginsu for taking on the squats and endorphins with the 80#
@Offsides for displaying some awesome form on the reps
. YHC saw nothing but deep squats, knee touches on the lunges, and solid high pulls. Very inspiring and great example of modeling the way.
@Dizzy Gillespie (F3 Dads) for showing up even if he had to heavily modify due to his injury. Man put in 45 mins of core work when it would’ve been far easier to stay in the old fart sack.

YHC talked about the Battle of Stalingrad (he’s reading a book about it currently). He made sure to note that he was absolutely not a friend to Communism, but it’s hard to argue against the bravery displayed by Russian soldiers at Stalingrad, specifically the 13th Guards of the 62nd Army (hence the reps).
YHC talked about the Russians being pushed back to the Volga River after a series of defeats.
We all have our Stalingrad moments. On a string of defeats we find ourselves at the last line of defense. It’s important to know where that line is and to have a no retreat mentality. Also important to know that life is a long war and not a single battle. We may lose battles, but we must focus on winning the war. In 1942 that seemed impossible to almost every Russian except the men fighting in what would become one of the deadliest battles on the deadliest front of the deadliest war in modern history.
SYITG Comrades, Cosmo

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