Battalion – 9.22.21

4 HIM braved the chilly rain.
@Bubba Gump @Lone Star @ragdoll and YHC @Fertile Myrtle

Dynamic stretching to get bodies ready for movement.20 sec mountain climbers
20 sec alternating up dog down dog
20 side straddle hops in cadence
20 sec high knees

Thang 1
Head lamps on as we took a field trip and ran out of the park, left on Port Royal and took the first right, and ran to the last house on the left (actually only a foundation). Q revealed that this is the house my M and I are in the process of buying. I invited them to be the first guests and my first garage beatdown as we climbed onto the foundation,  I believe  this is where @Lone Star asked for a boost:joy: . We proceeded to do 20 Burpees then @ragdoll honored me with a prayer for my family and home. We ran back to the park.

Thang 2
Using the track around the football fields.
7 Burpees
Run a quarter around, 7 squats
Run a quarter, 7 lunges 2 count
Run a quarter, 7 squats
Run back to start, 7 lunges 2 count
Run a quarter,  14 Burpees, 14 squats
Run a quarter, 14 lunges 2 count
Run a quarter,  14 squats
Back to start, 14 lunges

Run the full half mile loop and time.

Convergence Saturday
Need a Q for Saturday so @Lone Star can go to Convergence

Tennessee Tussle coming up, need volunteers.

Prayer requests
@ragdoll with his renovation, found a leak around a window and could use advice and help if anyone knows someone.


Luke chapter 2 basically tells about Jesus from birth to age 12After age 12 when Jesus was found in the temple and returned home we don’t know much but Luke 2:52 tells us something.

Did you know Jesus was in F3?Luke 2:52
And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.

Sounds like fitness, fellowship, faith to me!

We are all doing well when it comes to fitness in and fellowship but let’s not forget the faith. You devote time to your family and friends and the fellowship almost every day. Most of us make time for the fitness at least 3 or 4 days a week the week but make sure the faith the faith part has time if everyday. That is most important for life. Faith comes from knowledge of the word. I challenge you to get in the word daily and see how your faith grows.

It was my pleasure and an honor to serve you this morning,

Fertile out

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