Battalion – 9.08.21

18 Pax Showed up to remember the Heroes of 9/11
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The Thang:
Warm up
Side Straddle Hops
Baby arm circles
Back Bacs
Willie May’s hayes (I dont think I spelled that right)
Good mornings
Pax mosey over to the big stairs
The FDNY had to climb 110 stories of stairs to attempt to save innocent people.
Thang 1:
22 Burpees + 22 Step ups
22 Merkins + 22 Step ups
22 Squat Jumps + 22 Step ups
22 Lunges + 22 Step ups
22 Burpees + 22 Step ups
Thang 2:
The #9 Battalion was the first to arrive on scene at the towers. They also lost the most Fire Fighters.
I was going to call out 9 ab workouts but we could only get 4 in to reach the goal.
Bear Crawl goal to goal on foot ball field, called out random ab workouts down the field. LBC’s, Big Boy Situps, Hold plank 30 seconds, Flutter kicks in Cadence.
Thang 3:
American Heritage run with 5 pushups before running to the front with a partner.
@Heidi (1st F Q) is a faster runner than me.
Thang 4:
Round of Mary’s until time
Thank you @Night Light for making us superheroes
Tn Tussle (check slack for details)
Help with Demo at 2buck property for healing trafficked women.
Memorial 5k run in Columbia for @Tijuana friend who died in a car wreck a few years ago. Will get Tijuana to post in the general page for that.
Prayer Requests
@Blackout mom had a brain aneurism prayed for complete healing in the name of Jesus.
@ragdoll parents traveling over seas, prayed for protection during the travel.
@Soul Glo has family traveling in to town, prayed for safe travel for them
Prayed for @Yaris marriage and ability to find an apartment at a reasonable rate.
@Heidi (1st F Q) praise over best possible scenario for Breast cancer, prayed for complete healing and a successful surgery.
I have been working on the ability to have extreme discipline in my life. It has changed the way I handle my day to day tasks. Discipline is the key component in finding freedom and structure. Always persue discipline and everything else through your day will fall in line. I reccomend listening to the Jocko Podcast as a reference to help you understand how to apply discipline in your life.
Yaris out!!!

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