Battalion – 8.25.21

6 PAX found the eye of the tiger this morning at #ao-battalion: @Fertile Myrtle, @Lone Star, @ragdoll, @Ace Ventura, @Veronica, and QIC @rudolph.
Warm up
Good mornings OYO
Stretch quads/hammies/groin
Squats IC
Thang 1 – Training montage AMRAP
Holding a coupon (rock) in each hand, mosey while shadow boxing from one sideline to the other
At the sideline, train like Rocky:
10 plyometric clap merkins
20 sit-ups with double twist at top
30 side-to-side merkins
Sprint to the stairs, then run to the top and do the Rocky bounce
Mosey back to sideline and repeat
We did 5 circuits total. Half way through, stopped to perform 104 four count Rocky Balboas
Thang 2 – Run through downtown Philly
Mosey the loop. When Q stops, hold Al Gore until “Yo Adrian!” is shouted, then do the Rocky bounce.
Stop by The Soup and perform the following 3 times:
Bear crawl down the hill
10x Carolina Dry Docks
Crawl bear up the hill
Politician back home
Double Murph on Labor Day
F3SH is mobilizing to support Waverly. Check Slack for details.
YHC on Q again tonight at #ao-primetime
Prayer Requests
@Fertile Myrtle’s M’s birthday, pray that he can help her feel special
Several PAX working through tough spots in relationships
Illness within the community
Residents of Waverly, TN
Prayers for @ragdoll as he has never seen a Rocky movie 😥
Moleskin – The Power of Grieving
In Judges 11, Jephthah made a vow to the Lord in exchange for victory against the Ammonites. He promised to offer as a burnt offering the first thing that came out of his house to greet him upon returning home. When he returned home, the it was his daughter.
When his daughter learned what had happened, she told her father to do as he promised, but first to grant her 2 months to road the hills and weep with her friends. After weeping for 2 months, she returned and was killed. This became a tradition for the women of Israel.
Not only is it important to grieve our own losses, but it is important to grieve with those that we love when they experience loss.

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