Battalion – 7.21.2

14 PAX @Yaris @Flenderson (Cody Davis FNG) @Lone Star @ragdoll @Three’s Company @Joey Freshwater @Snooki @Dangle @Soul Glo @Dogecoin (Justin Maxwell FNG) @MapQuest @Rudolph @Veronica @Hot Mic (QIC)

20 SSH in cadence, 10 merkins OYO, BACs forward and backward in cadence, Willie Mase Hase, Runners stretch and reach for the sky left and right side.

In the back of my mind I had the notion this morning might get hard at some point and encouraged everyone to push through. We come out here because we choose to do so. We can also choose to quit when it gets hard or back off what we are capable of. When “The Suck” shows up know that there are those that wish they could be doing this but cannot. Maybe they have lost a limb or have sickness that prevents them from showing up, so push through. We do hero workouts to honor some of those men, quitting is not an option.
Pick up coupons and mosey over to the Pavilion behind the main building. Work out explained.

35 Minute AMRAP of the following:
-200 Meter run
-5 Burpee* concrete step jump ups/step-ups. Focus and move with intention so as to not miss a jump because that could hurt.
-45 meter Bear crawl
-5 Thrusters* (had coupons of various weights 15lbs to 44lbs.
-45 meter Bear crawl back to the start line.

*Rinse and repeat till time with one caveat, Every new round you start add 5 additional reps to the burpee step jump-ups and thrusters. Rd 1 – 5, Rd 2 – 10, Rd 3 – 15 and so on.

Just before we started I reminded everyone this is not a sprint, make sure you pace yourself. If you go out too hot the suffering will only be worse later on.

By the time we were in rd2 mumble chatter was taking place wondering if the burpees Step jumps could be broken into two separate movements. This was not allowed, it is a compound movement and yes it will get brutal.

For the most part, everyone just put their heads down and went to work with only snarky comments here or there about how someone hated me or felt I should be pulled from being able to Q Armory on Saturday. @Rudolph set a blistering pace and was the only one to my knowledge to get into the 6th round. The FNGs today absolutely killed it, so impressed with the work they put in.

Called TIME right at 35 minutes so we could recover and carry coupons back to the circle.

– New #ao-primetime kicks off tonight at 7 PM from the Longview parking lot.

Prayer Request:
-Veronica that job interview would go well.
-Flanders coworker Stephen has been out with COVID Pneumonia for months, pray for his healing and wisdom for medical staff.

Mole Skin:
How big is your Purpose? As men, we all struggle with how we are doing as a man, am I good enough? Often we look at our success or accomplishment to measure how we are doing but what happens when we keep running into opposition, what keeps us going.
I want to encourage each or you to examine what you were created to do. What is the purpose God has placed on your life?

Proverbs 20:5 reads, “The purpose of a man’s heart is like deep water, but a man of understanding will draw it out.

Unfortunately, it is easy to become content with being mediocre, and the simple truth is most people will not take the time to discover what their purpose is. (added: this goes beyond the given of being a good husband or father or trying to do well in life). Ephesians 2:10 reads, “For we are his workmanshipcreated in Christ Jesus for GOOD WORKS, which God prepared AHEAD OF TIME for US to do.

In an ideal situation if you could have any impact on the world so that it was a better place after you are gone what would that look like?

A great place to start if you have not done this is to write out your own eulogy. If we begin knowing what the end should look like the rest of what needs to happen to get there is easy enough to figure out.

What do you want to be true at the end of your life? What will you have accomplished? What will people say about you(what is your legacy)?  Here are a couple of resources to help. I encourage you to do this because it can really change your life. If your purpose is not beyond you, you will always find quitting easier. When the suck in life happens you need to have a bigger “WHY” to keep you moving forward.

How Writing Your Own Eulogy Can Help You Follow Your Heart and Live Your Best Life

Write your own eulogy to shape your future

30 Days to a Better Man Day 21: Write Your Own Eulogy

More to follow in the weeks ahead.

As always, it’s an honor to serve and train with you men.

Hot Mic Out! 

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