Battalion – 7.14.21

@Kwame Q
“Leg Day @ the Creek”
Pax: @Pancreas @2Buck @Fertile Myrtle @Soul Glo @Lone Star @MapQuest @Cross-Stitch @Thin Mint @Jalisco @Veronica and last and least @Three’s Company
25 SSHs, 25 4-ct squats
Mosey around the park loop, stopping at each bench and white sign to do 25 4-ct squats. Each of the pax had the privilege of choosing their cadence and leading at different stops along the way. In total we had 25 stations, plus the 25 warmup and the 25 in the creek for a total of 675 squats, which I believe is a new record for most of any one exercise within a single beatdown. They don’t call it Leg Day for nothing! 3/4 of the way through the loop we stopped to do work in the creek, including: 25 submerkins, 25 LBCs, 25 squats, maybe 25 of something else, I was getting lightheaded. Finished up the Squatpocalypse loop just in time for a 1 minute high plank hold. Time.
New AO- Wednesday nights starting NEXT week at 7pm, running during #ao-PRIMETIME, leaving from Longview Rec Center.
Come to #ao-the-trapp tomorrow for a special announcement from @Bogo
Prayer Requests:
Praise for @Jalisco grandpa who turns 99 today!
@Yaris for his marriage
@Soul Glo for his speaking opportunity at a conference
@Offsides continued prayers for his family and their tragic loss
@Baby Gap and his time away from home/family
@Blackout and M with a baby due in a couple weeks!
@2Buck in his job search
On Monday I had a conversation with @Singlet and something stood out to me and I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing it here. It wasn’t a big deal during the conversation but it stood out to me and immediately wanted to implement it in my family’s household. He said he has a ‘no teasing’ policy. It’s not tolerated in his house at all. I have a couple family rules as well, and they are pretty generic to cover a lot of ground, but they are simple for the boys to remember: be kind and listen.
As you go through these days of parenting (and even those without kids), remember to say and do things that you want to represent YOU. Your kids see your example, and most of the time we aren’t thinking about it, but your actions and words matter. Make them count.
Side note: at dinner last night I noticed my oldest 2.0 teasing my youngest. I made a point to incorporate @Singlet’s policy, and took it a step further to drive it home. I gave my boys the ability to dish out a consequence of 2 minutes in the thinking chair to me or my M if they catch US teasing anyone too. I have a feeling I will slip and spend time in the thinking chair at some point in the future, but I think they will remember it better this way. SIDENOTE: good thing @Three’s Company isn’t in my household, I’d be spending all my time in the thinking chair.
SYITG, Kwame

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