BATTALION – 6.23.21

12 PAX committed to starting their day off right.
@Opie @Yaris @Chowdah @Joey Freshwater @Night Light @Fertile Myrtle @Veronica @ragdoll @Lone Star @Bubba Gump @Rudolph
YHC: @2Buck

Started the morning off with prayer, asking for a blessing and protection over our brothers at Ft Pain and for a killer VQ for @Underoos.

30 seconds of each exercise.
Seal jacks
Baby arm circles
Bigger baby arm circles
Backward baby arm circles
Bigger backward baby arm circles
Moroccan nightclub
Air presses
Shoulder taps
Back and forth Merkins

The only Thang:
100 yard dash
(After each exercise sprint to the end of the football field then mosey back to the next cone. Sprints get shorter but reps get higher)
10 yard line – 10 hand release Merkins
20 yard line – 20 jump squats
30 yard line – 30 Big Boy Sit ups
40 yard line – 40 burpees
50 yard line – 50 mountain climbers (2 count)
60 yard line – 60 second plank
70 yard line – 70 Merkins
80 yard line – 80 alternating lunges (1=1)
90 yard line – 90 LBCs
100 yard line – 100 air squats
Back down

Cool down:
Repeat of warmup

– See all announcements from @Underoos Ft Pain back blast.
– @2Bucks friend needs help unloading moving truck. 4pm on Saturday 6/26.  DM 2Buck for location.
– 7/2 – Columbia AO will have a table at First Friday – community event around the square in Columbia.

Prayer requests
– @Yaris – marriage prayer
– @Chowdah – M’s health and his support of her as she learns to live life with lupus
– @Joey Freshwater – Praise friend Joe is out of Vanderbilt and in rehab. Prayer for recovery. They’ve been taking care of his house. Lawn needs a lot of work. Looking for volunteers
– @2Buck – interviews this week and next

Who am I?
– who am I to lead anything in F3
– Who am I to lead my family
– Who am I to be hired for a job?
Who I am in Christ (see pics in comments for lists of our identity in Christ)

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