Battalion – 6.16.21

Glad to be back edition!
Dipstick on Q, curated by my 2.0 (15 year old daughter)
18 HIM including 1 FNG played games at the park this morning.
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After a loosen up warmup lap (tour of the circuit) we gathered at the circle of star for thang 1.

Thang 1: To Born Again by Austin French, changing on each tempo change in the song.
Straight jumps (hops)
Side straddle hops
Iron Mikes
Tuck jumps
Iron Mike's
Star jumps

Thang 2 was a circuit style rotation using the handrails, playground, and large stairs. (See photo of note card for details on that one.) We got in approximately 2 laps then regathered at the circle of star.

Thang 3
NF When I Grow Up
Again changing with song tempo
Side crunch
V ups
Hollow body hold
Freddie Mercury's
Side crunch opposite side
Superman hold
Mountain climbers

Welcome FNG Alex “Opie”
Saturday get together. Fellowship of the M. See @ragdoll
Next Saturday Nolensville convergence @Heidi has details
This Saturday AO launch in Murfreesboro. See @Heidi
Saturday morning, setup help requested at 8am at the UAW hall. See @Kwame
5pm, Thursday night car show cruise in at Morning Point senior center
July 10th new Columbia AO, @2Buck has details

Prayer Requests:
Praise for 26 years of marriage for @Hot Mic !
@Chowdah  wife has been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Pray for her health and for them to adapt and address as needed.
@Tijuana  coworker recovering from stroke and procedure.
Dark knight being baptized tonight. @Heidi
@Yaris  marriage prayers. Working to serve his wife. Book “dare to love” recommendation.
@Hot Mic asking for prayer for his health
@Dipstick has job interview this Friday

With Father's Day weekend approaching I spoke about some of my personal history and some of the resulting difficulty I have with Father's Day, each year due to my lack of a present father growing up. I read some from Dr Tony Evans in preparation and was reminded of the important role we as men play in the lives of those around us including our kids or other kids we may influence. Dr Tony Evans made several valid points in the sermon I reviewed but there was 1 idea that stood out to and challenged me. God gives us guidelines and boundaries, similar to a football field, that we stay within. But that isn't all, he also gives us a playbook on how to live life within those guidelines. If we are each out here running our own plays and routes, chaos will ensue. We are challenged as men, not just as adult males, to follow God's playbook and to make a positive impact on those within our influence. Dr Evans challenges as men and as fathers to lead by proper example and to follow the plays as called by God.

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