Battalion – 6.02.21



Ducks Of The Gloom — Battalion Round 2!
11 amphibious humans got wet, got muddy, and got tougher at Battalion today. Here’s how we did it.

PAX: @Soul Glo @Pancreas @2Buck @Three’s Company @Thin Mint @Lone Star @Heidi @Rudolph @Ginsu @Fertile Myrtle @ragdoll (QiC)

Conditions: Per Alexa, 100% chance of a 25% chance of rain. It was wet. Grass was soggy. It was colder than it looked.

Warmup: We do a round of stretches and 25 SSH, then return to the ramp. We crawl-bear up the ramp, and bear-crawl down the other side. I told you this would become a thing.

Thang 1: Typewriter
@Rudolph chooses his favorite football field, and it’s a fine choice. While @Three’s Company perfectly spaces 8 cones down the length of the field, the PAX perform two rounds of low and slow merkins. Then we Typewriter:
Starting at one corner of the endzone we do 10 iron mikes (each side a 1/2). Then we side shuffle across the width of the field and perform 10 starfish (each side is 1). Then we mosey downfield approx 15 yards to Three’s next perfectly placed cone and side shuffle back across the field.
Rinse and repeat — iron mikes, side shuffle, starfish, mosey — until we have covered the entire length of the field. @Rudolph and @Soul Glo look like washed up dolphins in the puddles they choose to do their starfish in.

Thang 2: 5 Ways To De-feather a Duck
We line up on the end line and sprint to the 2nd cone (30ish yards). Hold low plank while we wait for all in.
Then we army crawl to the 4th cone and hold low plank. I told you we’d get our shorts muddy.
We broad jump to the 6th cone, then bear crawl to the far end line.
Turn around, and do the thang again — swapping crawl-bears in for the last MOT to get our 5th way to de-feather a duck.
I told them the hardest thing they’d have to do today was already done when they got out of bed and walked in the rain. But I think we all agree that I lied: army crawls in the mud were the hardest.

Intermission: Native American Heritage run around the outside loop of the park.

Thang 3: Boxkins
We find the amphitheater steps at the back of the park. Each step is about 20 inches high.
We do 20 box-jumps (modify to step ups if desired) followed by 5 derkins. Next we do 20 backwards step-ups, followed by 5 derkins. One PAX reviewed these as “tricky”. One more round of box-jumps and derkins, then we run back to the stars.
51 4-count squats, some flutter kicks, some over-under, and #time.

F3 Camping trip at Center Hill Lake this weekend! If you’re going, don’t fall out of your kayak. If you are not going, we will hold Armory with a Q by @Jalisco!
Fellowship Of The M’s – Saturday, June 19th @ 6pm: All PAX, spouses (M’s), and kids (2.0's) are invited to a night of family-fellowship at @ragdoll’s house. Deets in #2ndf
Nolensville Convergence – June 26: All PAX are encouraged to travel to Nolensville for a multi-region beatdown with our brothers from Nolensville, Murfreesboro, and Franklin

Today we talked about the principle of the Whetstone. A whetstone is a stone that is used to sharpen a blade, and it represents our relationships within F3. Like Proverbs 27:17 says “As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens another man”. We are called to sharpen each other within F3 — physically, mentally, and spiritually. Our interactions with our brothers should be intentional and purposeful.

Each of us should seek to be the whetstone to others, sharpening and encouraging them to push themselves further to become more engaged and intentional HIM. Likewise, each of us should be the blade and allow ourselves to be sharpened by others. Our journey is never complete – we always have more to give, and we always have more to learn.
We called our new AO Battalion because a battalion is a large group of soldiers ready for battle. We are not warriors in the traditional sense — rather, we show up to sharpen one another to fight the daily physical, mental, and spiritual battles that life throws at us. We can only do this to the best of our ability when we are intentionally investing in (and being sharpened by) the HIM around us.

Keep in your prayers:
Fertile Mertile’s son at Bible camp this week.
Pre-K as he continues recovery from shoulder surgery.
3rd Degree (Nolensville) wife having surgery this week
It was terrible. It was wet. It was terribly wet. Let’s do this again next week brothers!

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