Battalion – 12.29.21

PAX: @Veronica @Tiny Dancer @Oscar Mayer @Gouda @SoulSurfer (Mon, Wed and Sat) @Soul Glo @Ginsu and Q @Foosball
Warm o Rama
take a lap with some speed bumps
SSH, bac/bac bacs, wmh, runners lunge with some reaches
(Bowl and rim rotate back and forth)
25 Merks
25 Donkey
Walk feet up till the 6
1 min walk sit (increase by 15 each time)
Cones and Rim (it’s a race)
Progress through cones and then sprint up and back, retrieving 1 cone. And the next pax runs when the other returns. Proceed until cones are gone.
Cone progressions: Two feet down in each space, hops, zig zags.
After all cones retrieved, put em back.
@Soul Glo needs to get an oil change.
(Went back to the bowl)
20 4 count dying cockroaches
Pikes for time – 4 count
@Fertile Myrtle is starting the process of moving today, assistance need today and tomorrow.
Prayer Request
soul Glo- brother and nephew traveling today.
Compete. Not primarily with the PAX next to you, but yourself. Each one of us are at another point in our journey, so someone else’s point isn’t a good reference, but to know the possibilities.
Set out to get better in 22’, accelerate. And when you make you goals, make em audacious.
Foos out.

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