Battalion – 11.3.21

PAX: @Veronica @Soul Glo @Ünerdoose @sensodyne
Q: @Jalisco


Thang lader

Run the stairs X2
1:20 SSH (4ct)
Run stairs or SB chain up the  urbe walk
2: 40 burpees
Run stairs
3: 60Hammers
Run stairs
4:80 FK
Run stairs
5: 100 sumo squats
Run the stairs
SB Trhow around the circle

Climb down the ladder as you all know
Merkins in the one HIM throw the sand bag to next point of the  tuis called the number of merkins and we all increase by one
Time !

Tussle and star course Saturday
Armory be a normal time
VQ on Darkhorse

@Heidi (1st F Q) and @Veronica M’s for good healing physical and mentally.
@SilverSoulSurfer get better to join us again soon
@clarisse mission trip safety
@Baby Gap and @Foosball (3rdFQ) 2.O’s healing and fast recovery.
@sensodyne friend cancer battle to get better.

Look at the mirror and beat that guy.
We need to fight agains us and have a winner mindset, act right at work at home at the church at F3 and help encourage and fight against yourself the grace will pour on us by acting this way.
En outage yourself look at you In the mirror and cheer for those battles that you win daily, monthly yearly against your own!
Hope you got warm this morning guys.
@Jalisco out.

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