Battalion – 11.24.21

Today was warmer than yesterday but still left us with a crisp 30-degree morning, the ideal temperature for what was about to unfold for the 7 PAX that chose #ao-battalion as their disruption point for physical, mental and spiritual improvement.  

@ragdoll @Soul Glo @Jalisco @Snooki @Dizzy Gillespie (F3 Dads)
YHC @Hot Mic (Tribute)
25 – SSH in cadence
10 – OYO Burpees
10 – OYO Squats
10 – OYO Good mornings
12 – BACs
12 – Back BACs
Pick up a coupon and mosey to the backside of the building
The Thang:
AMRAP Till Time: Asked #ao-battalion AOQ @ragdoll to pick a number between 1 and 10. He choose well with 6.
6 – Coupon Big Boy sit-ups. Coupon touches the ground above your head then back to sit up position.
6 – Coupon Burpees (Devil Presses)
6 – Coupon Step-ups – weight on the shoulder step up and back down equals 1 rep.
 Then to finish the round
30-meter Coupon Drag Bear Crawl – from steps to treeline
30-meter Coupon farmers carry –  from the tree line to steps
With each round you finish add 6 more reps for each subsequent round so it looks like this. Rd 1 – 6 reps, Rd 2 – 12 reps, Rd 3 – 18 reps, etc till time is called.
Turkey Path Thanksgiving morning
Christmas List of gifts for kids looking to have an amazing Christmas morning. See @F3-Mary Ann
Open house week November 29th thru December 4th.
24 Hr marathon starts Friday December 3rd – See @2nd F Kwame
Open house week ends with a bonfire at @ragdolls place Saturday Dec 4th at 4pm.
Prayer Requests:
Time with families will be good
Safety traveling
@Dizzy Gillespie (F3 Dads) bloodwork to see if there is something going on
Praise and thankfulness for Dora.
Mole Skin:
The past couple weeks in Church we have been singing a new song the worship team wrote. It is about how where the Spirit of God resides there is freedom, peace, healing, forgiveness, life, salvation,  etc.
In the song there is a line that says, “Holy Spirit fall like fire, burn away everything that is not of you.”
We all struggle with something, may we allow God’s spirit to fill us so that we can truly be free and experience what God wants for us. That the things that are NOT OF HIM would be burned away.
There is no single of this song yet but we listened to it at the following link starting at 10:07 to 14:40.
Thanks for choosing to push yourself this morning allowing me to lead and serve you, my brothers.
SYITG – Hot Mic out!

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