Battalion – 10.27.21

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Michael Phelps
Good mornings
Willie Mays Hayes

Thang 1:
Bear crawl up one ramp, crawl bear down the other.
Holding onto the rail, climb up one ramp and down the other

Mosey to playground

Thang 2:
Everyone on the merry go round, plank position with feet on the merry go round, rotate it clockwise. Too much weight on the merry go round to move it. Plan BPAX split into groups of 3. One group rotates the merry go round in plank position, the other group does 25 swing derkins. Once all derkins have been completed, the groups switch exercises. Total of two rounds.

Lunge walk to the stairs in the back.

Thang 3:
Box jump up the stairs step down the stairs
Step up the stairs using the right leg for each step, step down the stairs. Repeat with left leg.
Everyone turns to their right, side step up the stairs. Repeat with the other side
2 rounds

Mosey to quarry

Thang 4:
Everyone grabs a stone. Coupon toss across the field to the fence, down the fence, and back to the quarry.

Mosey to tennis courts

Thang 5:
Burpee gassers. Sprint to the first line, do one burpee, sprint back. Repeat down the court.

Mosey to start.

Crawl bear up one ramp, bear crawl down. Rail climb up one ramp and down the other. Wall sits.5 minutes of Mary.



VQ ALERT! @Buckeye at #ao-darkhorse on Saturday.
Gauntlet on Saturday
#f3dads on Sunday
Wear pink at #ao-darkhorse and #ao-armory to support @Heidi (1st F Q) and his M.
TN Tussle 11.6
Special memorial workout 11.13 #ao-armory and #ao-darkhorse
Check slack for other stuff

Prayer requests:
@Veronica and his M
@Heidi (1st F Q) and his M
All the PAX that are injured, sick, discouraged, depressed, or busy with family and work stuff.


Excerpts from Francis Schaefer’s Form and Freedom in the Church, 1974:There are four things which I think are absolutely necessary if we are going to meet the need of our age and the overwhelming pressure we are increasingly facing. They are two contents and two realties.

The First Content: Sound Doctrine
The first content is clear doctrinal content concerning the central elements of Christianity. There is no use talking about meeting the threat of the coming time or fulfilling our calling in the midst of the last quarter of the twentieth century unless we consciously help each other to have clear doctrinal position. We must have the courage to make no compromise with liberal theology and especially neo-orthodox existential theology.

Christianity is a specific body of truth; it is a system and we must not be ashamed of the word system. There is truth and we must hold that truth. There will be borderline things in which we have differences among ourselves, but on the central issues there must be no compromise.

The Second Content: Honest Answers to Honest Questions
The second content is that Christianity is truth, and we must give honest answers to honest questions. Christianity is truth, truth that God has told us, and if it is truth it can answer questions.

There is no dichotomy in the Bible between the intellectual and cultural on the one hand and the spiritual on the other. But often there has been a strong platonic emphasis in evangelicalism, a strong tendency to divide man into two parts – his spiritual nature and everything else. We must take that conception like a piece of baked clay, break it in our hands and throw it away, and consciously reject the platonic element which has been added to Christianity. God made the whole man; the whole man is redeemed in Christ, and after we are Christians the lordship of Christ covers the whole man. That includes his so-called spiritual things and his intellectual, creative and cultural things; it includes his law, his sociology and psychology; it includes every single part and portion of a man and his being.

So, therefore, there are two contents, the content of a clear doctrinal position and the content of honest answers to honest questions. I now want to talk about two realities.

The First Reality: True Spirituality
The first reality is spiritual reality. Let us emphasize again as we have before, we believe with all our hearts that Christian truth can be presented in propositions, and that anybody who diminishes the concept of the propositionalness of the Word of God is playing into twentieth­ century, non-Christian hands. But, and it is a great and strong but, the end of Christianity is not the repetition of mere propositions.  Without the proper propositions you cannot have that which should follow. But after having the correct propositions the end of the matter is to love God with all our hearts and souls and minds. The end of the matter, after we know about God in the revelation he has given in verbalized, propositional terms in the Scripture, is to be in relationship to him. A dead, ugly orthodoxy, with no real spiritual reality must be rejected as sub-Christian.

The Second Reality: The Beauty of Human Relationships
The second reality is the beauty of human relationships. True Christianity produces beauty as well as truth, especially in the specific areas of human relationships. Read the New Testament carefully with this in mind; notice how often Jesus returns us to this theme, how often Paul speaks of it. We are to show something to the watching world on the basis of the human relationships we have with other men not just other Christians.

Christians today are the people who understand who man is. Modern man is in a dilemma because he does not know that man is qualitatively different from non-man. We say man is different because he is made in the image of God. But we must not say man is made in the image of God unless we look to God and by God’s grace treat every man with dignity. We stand against B. F. Skinner in his book, Beyond Freedom and Dignity, but I dare not argue against Skinner’s determinism if I then treat the men I meet day by day as less than really made in the image of God.

Full text:

Form and Freedom in the Church


Soul out

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