Battalion – 01.12.22

My apologies for the slowness in posting this!

4 PAX got after it Wednesday morning at Port Royal park for Tour de Battalion. Conditions clear and chilly.

PAX: @Gouda @Soul Glo @Oscar Mayer @ragdoll (Q)After a quick recitation of F3’s disclaimer and core principles, we mosey off for a full loop of Battalion’s perimeter with speed bumps and smackdowns to ensue.

First stop, the Tennis Courts – @Soul Glo ’s favorite thing. We line up on the sideline of the court and run suicides to each line. Upon each return to the sideline we do 1 burpee (I let y’all off easy here, sorry).We mosey on around the track, stopping for squats speed bump — two sets of 20 with a couple Al Gore’s along the way. Then we politician, taking care to avoid the skating rink that has formed on the trail. No one dies.

We stop for some ab exercises — 20 each of WWI’s, LBCs, and starfish (I hate starfish).  On our backs, @Gouda calls out constellations for us … actually I think he just says “you can see the stars”, which is true.

Next we mosey to the far back side of Battalion and enter the parking lot to bear crawl 50 yards and crawl bear another 50 yards.  And, I forget what the name of this next routine is – I’m sure there is one: We form a line and jog to the top of each parking space, touch the curb, then politician to the back of the next parking space and perform a Merkin. This thing needs a name because it’s too confusing to write out. I’m open to suggestions.

Back on the trail we do a whole mess of merkins for no good reason whatsoever, and then lunge walk 50 yards to our next speed bump. T-claps to @Gouda for his consistent good form (in all things), but specifically lunge walking. At the speed bump we all call out an ab exercise — American Hammers, LBCs, Freddie Mercuries, and V-ups (I hate V-ups).We mosey to the back side of the football fields and doing 50 SSH in cadence. We work in a 50 yard dash, then mosey to the amphitheater for 10 Irkins and 10 Dirkins, and that’s time so back to the flags we go.

Prayers: Several prayers for our M’s this week — @Soul Glo’s M needs rest, and @Gouda’s M needs recovery for her ankle, and my M desires to build healthier relationships with family members.

Moleskin: Isaiah 55:6-9The beginning of 2022 got off to a mediocre start for me — family illness, work stress, and various other distractions got in the way of me having the first two weeks of the year that I WANTED to have. But Isaiah 55 reminds us that our plans are much smaller than God’s plans. The year is not lost because I fell short on some things that I wanted to do. I must continue to look the Lord, for his thoughts and his ways and his plans are higher and more important than any I have for myself.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead you this week! @Soul Glo on Q next week, and @Lone Star the week after! SYITG!

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