At Least We’re Not Running – 9.17.2020

AO: Casa Freshwater
@Dizzy Gillespie @Joey Freshwater
Rolled out of the rack at 5:00, didn’t wake up the M. Good start.
Dizzy rolled up for the 5:30a weight workout:
Round One (J Fresh concoction):
3 sets of the following –
10 pull-ups
10 upright BB rows
20 merkins
20 band overhead presses
20 DB curls (10 each arm)
20 KB swings (45lb)

Round Two (Dizzy G Delight):
3 sets of the following-

20 DB tricep kickbacks
10 BB bent rows
20 Air squats
21’s with BB (the classic high school gym class intro to torched arms)
20 diamond pushups
10 BB deadlifts
Dizzy did mention maybe doing a crazy crab walk dip set dealio his M does. He said it’s like a beach body/insanity thing or something. Opted outta that!
Great work Dizzy. All in took 39 minutes and we didn’t wake up the M.  

Prayer Requests:

Dizzy patience with kids, they are waking up middle of the night.

Dizzy has appointments set up today at work, pray for continued success rolling metal off the lot!

J Fresh – Prayers for work guidance. No big deal (yet) but they’re moving our cheese! Prayers that J Fresh will seek Jesus’ guidance and not forge ahead on his own.


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