Armory Tablet of Terror – 12.19.2020

Harvey Park 6:00 am central time (6:02 for @Operation)
15 PAX showed for a FreshEagle throwdown: @Pancreas @Cosmo @Foosball @Ron Swanson @2Buck @Chowdah @Dizzy Gillespie @Heidi @Hot N Ready @Operation @Peewee @Tiny Dancer @Pre-K @Joey Freshwater (on Q) and @Fertile Myrtle  (FNG).
Warmarama Part Uno:
Arm circles OYO
Cherry pickers OYO
15 merkins OYO
 (or 10?)
Maybe something else thrown in? Don’t remember. I need to start bringing my Franklin Covey diary and quill pen to write this stuff down.
Mosey from the parking lot around the flag pole and back to @Rudolph’s Rethink (playground).
Warmarama Part Dos:
Partnered up in random groups of two  (YHC failed to have 1’s and 2’s called out during warmarama one so just random selection here. My lack of direction caused some confusement among the PAX but they managed to figure it out).
Partner sets of the following:
Partner 1 ran one lap around the outside border of the playground while partner 2 performed the following, swapping roles upon lap completion (one set of pull-ups, one set of merkins per partner with each doing two laps):
Pull-ups – PAX choice of frozen pull-up bar
Merkins – Again @Fertile Myrtle don’t look this up on the Google program
Mosey to the back pavilion for the Thang.
Tablet of Terror. Unlike the @Pancreas  Box of Pain that strikes fear into the hearts of the Pax each time a goody is pulled out, The Tablet (whiteboard) lays out the forthcoming drudgery right from the get-go.
Each PAX performed the following OYO:
Air Squat x 10
Big Boy Sit-ups x 20
Burpees x 30
Merkins x 40
Tricep dips (using picnic tables) x 50
LBCs x 60
High Knees x 70 (one count)
Freddie Mercuries x 80
Al Gore x 90 seconds
Flutter Kicks x 100 (one count)
Air Press x 100 (air is heavier than I thought)
Air Squats x 90
American Hammers x 80
Baby Arm Circles x 70
Plank x 60 seconds
Gassers – 50 yard “sprints” x 12 sets
Flutter Kicks x 40 (one count)
Merkins x 30
‘Bama Proms x 20
Cherry Pickers (end of the rainbow      gift!) x 10
Upon completion, Pax individually ran the big loop (minus the flag pole circle) until the six finished.
There was a bit of grumbling and maybe even some stink eye thrown my way during the Thang. I seem to recall it having started during the burpee set and was thinking maybe my Q was no bueno and I need to quit this nonsense and join a new chalk painting group on Saturday mornings. However, as the Thang progressed, it became evident that my lack of Eagle Bling was in fact the catalyst. @Dizzy Gillespie was particularly dismayed.
We moseyed back back to the main parking lot for some Mary, at which point the PAX realized YHC had gone Clark Kent and donned his most powerful Bling AND Shirt of the Eagle. The PAX were relieved to see that the Eagle lives.
PAX circled up with each calling out a successive movement of his choice for twenty reps, largely focused on core work.
Prayer Requests
@Cosmo father Jim’s illness and inability to be with family at Christmas.
@Tiny Dancer safe travels and health as the family travels to Branson MO
@Rudolph quick recovery and support after Friday’s ACL surgery
@Heidi M’s uncle in hospice with Parkinson’s
@Fertile Myrtle Mother in FL has recently-diagnosed Stage 4 cancer. Prayers for quality family time with her and comfort.
It was great to get out there with you guys today.

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