Armory – 9.19.2020

PAX: @Pancreas@Peewee@Lone Star@Timeshare@Heidi@Dizzy Gillespie@spit valve
QiC: Tuna

Warm up- SSH, bac’s & back bac’s, GMs, Willy Mays, runners stretch

Thang 1
10 for 10 – 10 Burpees on the minute
Lock it those gains – hot lap
Thang 2
Merkin Ladder Sprints 2min intervals
10 diamond
15 diamond
20 regular
25 wide
30 military
25 Derkin
20 regular
15 diamond
10 diamond
Sprint parking lot after each
Lock in those gains – hot lap
Thang 3
11s on the line
Carolina Dry Dock , bear crawl line, 5=1 American Hammers, reverse crab walk back
Lock in those Gains – hot lap
6 min plank & hold.  Touch your knee and you do burpees until time is up
COT and we out

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