Armory 9/11 Memorial Beatdown – 9.11.21

11 PAX rolled out before the dawn’s early light: @FICO@Thin Mint, @Cosmo, @Soul Glo, @Thin Mint, @Earhart, @Ron Swanson, @Danica, @Fertile Myrtle, @Night Light, @Baby Gap and YHC @Billy Madison , plus an honorary visit for COT by @Hot Mic (Tribute)!
SSH x 9 in cadence
Squats x 11 OYO – figured every little bit helped @Soul Glo’s pregame 911 squat cause
+ these numbers served as a little foreshadowing for the beat down to come…
From Longview, grabbed a flag and a quickly paced mosey to the row of tool sheds on North end of Lowe’s parking lot. (No speed bumps – we were all on some kins of adrenaline rush!) PAX stayed together to the LZ where further instructions were provided:
There are 2 small stairwells in the McAlister’s shopping center, one by Louis Barber, the other by the Olive Oil shop.
A continuous circuit until time is up:
9 Burpees – OYO
Run across parking lot and up the stairs by Louis Barber, across the 2nd floor balcony, down the stairs at Olive Oil shop and into the parking lot (choice of reversing stairwells was given – I like to keep it diplomatic..)
Lunge walk across to the grass area where the burpees were.
11 Big Boy S/U – OYO
Rinse & Repeat as many times as possible until around 6:45 or so
Grab the flags and mosey back to Longview for COT.
Pace on return mosey was slower and we stopped for speed bump: BBSUs x 11 about midway.
Back to Longview with time to spare:
Burpees x 9 – OYO
BBSU x 11 – OYO
(Attempt to add even more diplomacy here created confusion as I suggested “9 of one and 11 of the other; your choice!”)
Finished final minutes by helping @Soul Glo finish out his 911 squats!
Ping-Pong Peppers – tonight!
Bourbon relay coming up..
Go-Ruck Star course coming up..
TN Tussle – @Pancreas (Nant’an) / @Heidi (1st F Q) making plans for team assembly
Convergence – coming soon!
Service opportunities at Grey Ghost – see @Hot Mic (Tribute)
Gauntlet! (Nolensville’s CSAUP)
Aid to Waverly…ongoing (@Hot Mic (Tribute)/ @Snooki)
Demo at @2Buck’s
Prayer Requests:
@Soul Glo – parents traveling
@Hot Mic (Tribute) – Dad healing
@Cosmo – work trip / 10 year anniversary (MORE DISNEY!!!) : kids/M – tranquility at home during travel time
@Night Light – 2.0 home and doing well
All PAX w/ injuries and DR for various reasons
@Billy Madison (YHC) 2.0’s – peace and love!
Reflecting on last year: “6 PAX (including 1 FNG!) came out to #fort-pain during the wee hours for a special 9/11 Tribute Workout.
PAX: @Betamax Freshwater, @Rudolph, @Ron Swanson, @Pancreas (Nant’an), and FNG Brian (@Chowdah – Community Outreach)”
Today is a day of remembrance. Each of us can remember exactly where we were when we first heard of the attack on the twin towers. It is a moment in our lives that we will never forget, nor should we. Many people lost their lives that day. Some, just by showing up for work and sitting in their office. Others, by choosing to run head first into a burning, crumbling building to try to save people’s lives. I’ve heard it said that a hero is someone who runs towards the danger, when everyone else is running away from it. That has never been more evident than on 9/11, when 412 heroes paid the ultimate price in service to others. May we always remember their sacrifice, as well as the continued sacrifices of today’s first responders and military members, who will always run head first into the danger.
Ended the COT with a moment of silence while this rendition of Taps, provided by @Baby Gap played us into our parting prayer…

Love – Peace – Remembrance

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