Armory 8.07.21

13 HIM get at armory to end the week of the 6 strong.

@Timeshare @Peewee (TRAPP) @Thin Mint @Baby Gap @Earhart @Dizzy Gillespie (F3 Dads) @Bogo @FICO @Snooki @Heidi (1st F Q) @Dark night @Danica
QIC @Jalisco

3 stations divided 15 minutes each.
1- :bus: rolls
20 reps each and roll to next bus do this till the end of the buses line or time
Big boy sit-ups
We all do it to the half of the line
Mosey to next station
2 the mulch land
Start with 10 reps each after completed the round run a lap around school so @knight Light Can showed us his room !
Back to the mulch and increase by 5, around again and you know keep going up.
Pull ups
Mosey to the last station
3 green cones valley
Start with 10 reps each, lounges tho middle point next round , lounges to the end and repeat back increasing by 5 reps.
Jump squats
Bob villas ( can’t remember the name so I use the  ame of the guy from Chicago that showed me this) basically basquetball shooting with picking up the imaginary ball and jumó to shoot.
5minutes to time and after several complaints per @Dizzy Gillespie (F3 Dads) Q call for bear crawls run.

Meal train for @Blackout (details slack)
Sunday F3dads with 2.0’s
Crucible plan to attend
@Procter  VQ on Thursday on the #ao-the-trapp  let’s try to support him.

@FICO  mom at the hospital
All the ruckers for smooth day and not injuries.
All the pax dealing with sickness to see them back soon
2.0’s back to school for great year
@Blackout  adjustments on family with new baby.

I tried to dedicate this week to leadership and to the 6 always look for the man behind you and help them. If you behind seek for help and form a bond this will apply everywhere, work house life.
Respect the 6 and lead with wisdom and not judgment, also a reminder what is discuss on COT and Beacon hills stay there for us the pax ONLY.
Pleasure to lead the group all this days, I know you tired of me so…
@Jalisco Out

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