Armory – 7.25.2020

The theme of the day was “fun and games” and I reminded everyone as Q that it’s my prerogative to interpret the theme as I see fit, which is generally very loose.
11 HIM today (including YHC)
@Pancreas @Kwame @Tiny Dancer @Peewee @Toastmaster @Dizzy Gillespie @Joey Freshwater @Operation @Three’s Company @Ron Swanson @Bogo
## Warmup
30 SSH
Cherry pickers (for @Pancreas )
Good mornings (@Peewee passes out here so I knew the day was going to be a success)
Arm circles
Michael Phelps
5 deep squats
Mosey to the pain ground
## First round of fun
Since coming to F3, I’ve found that Murphs are just a load of fun and a great opportunity to accelerate in areas that I’m weak (pull ups and merkins).
Do 3 sets of Cindy (5 pull ups, 10 merkins, 15 squats), then run around the playground. Rinse and repeat for 15 minutes. FUN!
Q note: @Pancreas finished his first set of 3 as I was still wrapping up my very first set. No idea how that guy does it. :fire:
## Centipede
Think of a Native American heritage run… now replace running with walking lunges… and instead of the 6 sprinting to the front, they have to bear crawl. Continue until every HIM gets a chance to crawl to the front. Took about 7-10 minutes.
Q note: I obviously couldn’t test this one out ahead of time and man did it HURT! I loved it and I’ll be doing that again.
## Burpees in the creek (crurpies?)
@Tiny Dancer introduces me to creek burpees a few months ago when he was on Q and I LOVED it. So much fun!
Run between the creek and the pavilion. At the creek do 5 burpees (in the creek!) and at the pavilion do 15 derkins. Everyone got in at least 2 laps.
## The Game (AKA the worst game of solitaire, ever)
I got an official F3 workout deck. Each card has a workout on it, and you execute the count: 100 for A, 25 for K,Q,J, or the number +10 for number cards (so a 3 would be 13…). Draw cards and execute for 20 minutes.
– 19 low slow squats
– 25 monkey humpers
– 25 mountain climbers
– 13 diamond merkins (supposed to be chuck norris merkins but no one knew what those were)
– 100 flutter kicks
– 25 American hammers
– 25 smurf jacks
– 25 diamond merkins
– 13 high slow flutter kicks
– 100 SSH
– 17 monkey humpers
– 15 oblique crunches (15 ea side)
16 wide arm merkins
25 dips
Q note: I intentionally had random people draw the cards and count so we can all get more used to counting. I know @Joey Freshwater has commented on how much he hates counting and I want to say he did a great job today jumping into it with confidence.
That’s time!
NO ARMORY NEXT WEEK. We’ll be doing the Crucible instead.
Fort pain is a 5k this week
Fortification Friday is cancelled this week so everyone has a rest day before Crucible.
Safe travels for Kwame’s family, Threes co family, Cosmo, Heidi, and Lone Star.
Dizzy work situation, needing to sell more warranties.
Someone may have stolen TDs shovel flag. Prayers that he gets it back and that he doesn’t get charged for a misdemeanor in the process.

##Final notes
I talked about this more today, but I challenge you to do something this week that you might fail in. It’s ok to be scared, but don’t avoid something just because of that. Do it scared. Don’t be afraid to fail.
@Bogo out

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