Armory – 7.24.21

16 PAX @Night Light @Bogo @ToeJam @Jalisco @Lone Star @Danica @I put the Q in MapQuest @Soul Glo @Bedpan @Blowfish(FNG Seth Witherington) @Peewee @Three’s Company @Dizzy Gillespie @Earhart @J Fresh @Hot Mic showed up despite the warning to take up the challenge.
Warm up prior to 6 AM and be ready to mosey.
Count off into teams of 3, and one team of 4.
Pick up coupons and mosey over to the grass field East of the school playground.
Workout briefing:  Working in teams has its pros and cons.  The team is only as strong as the weakest link but because the weakest link does not want to let anyone down this can really push them.  For those that want to go all out this may slow them down as you have to work together.
The Only Thang:
50 Minutes of the following:  Goal, attempt is to finish!
-50 Burpees over coupon per team member – Move through the team each person doing 1 rep until all reps are completed.
-70 meter Bear crawl
-100 pushups per team member – follow Burpee format
-70 meter Bear crawl
-150 Walking Lunges per member – Team works together completing reps
-70 Meter Bear crawl
-200 Air squats per member – Work in unison or go through team each member doing one rep until each person has completed 200 squats. Your butt must touch the top of the coupon to ensure proper squat. If you get called out for not doing proper squats the entire team incurs a 25 Burpee penalty and you start your squats over at zero. You want to do these right.
-70 Meter Bear crawl
-150 Walking Lunges per member – Team works together completing reps
-70 meter Bear crawl
-100 pushups per team member – follow Burpee format
-70 meter Bear crawl
-50 burpees over coupon per team member – Follow the original format
Ran out of time, no one finished.  My team had 150 of 300 pushups left, 1 Bear crawl and 150 Burpees to complete.  It was fun and grueling.   This one may be revisited in the future.  Great job to all teams for continuing to push.
– CSAUP in two weeks
Prayer Request:
  • @Soul Glo bother having knee issues.
  • @Ginsu and @Fertile Myrtle COVID
Mole Skin:
Following up on #ao-battalion, How big is your Purpose? I want to encourage each of you to examine what you were created to do. What is the purpose God has placed on your life?
Today I want you to consider the limiting beliefs or negative talk that is holding you back. Personally, I have a tendency to talk very negatively to myself. Maybe you do the same thing.  I beat myself up badly when I make a mistake or I severely limit what I think I am capable of doing. Negative talk like, I can do that/this. Or, this is the way it has always been. Or, this is just the way I am. Man, I am so stupid!
If you do those same things, that has got to stop. In part that is why our purpose needs to be so much bigger than what we think we are capable of. If you are a new creation in Christ and we talk to ourselves negatively, you are not living out who you were created to be, the new creation that you are in Christ. The old is gone and we need to view ourselves as Christ views us. As someone who is valuable and precious and someone who is capable of all that we are called to. But our talk needs to reflect that. Phrases words like, “I can’t”, “that’s not who I am” etc need to be removed from our vocabulary and we need to act and see ourselves as Christ sees us. When I was on the Island hanging out with extremely wealthy people, ALL self-made wealth I learned so much. They don’t think like that. They don’t allow that language to hang out very long. In some ways they live out the bible verse, “Take every thought captive” found in 2 Corinthians 10:4-6 better than a lot of Christian I know.
So I want to challenge you with this. Identify Christ’s thought’s on the matter and who you are in Christ. And second, align your own thinking under the rule of His truth. In what areas of your life do you need to take your thoughts captive?
Philippians 4: 8 reads, Finally brothers, whatever things are true, whatever things are honorable, whatever things are right, whatever things are pure, whatever things are pleasing, whatever things are commendable, if there is any excellence of character and if anything praiseworthy, think about these things.
Satan wants nothing more than to keep you chained to your past. The enemy says, “You can’t because of what you have done!” God says, “You can in spite of what has been done!
”Never let your yesterday keep you from your tomorrow. You can learn from it but don’t live in it. Becoming who God wants you to be starts with your thoughts.
More to follow Wednesday at #ao-fort-pain
Thank you for allowing me to serve you this morning.
Hot Mic Out!

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